That’s When I Knew I Had Done The Worst

If you chase that train – Perfection – You will be chasing it until they bar you in your grave. There is no true release of the throttle; Not until you are coming to a full stop; Even then we’re always looking for a way to keep a little on the gas.

She would watch everything as a peripheral; Her head turned to side as if she was certain of her skepticism. You end up wondering – Would my death be approved? I used to be cynical, you changed that. You really did alter the course I was on with just a bit of hope. People make some dumb fucking decisions. They decide with people who don’t give a fuck about them in mind; They decide based on feeling some sort of obligation created purely by their distorted sense of self. They decide based on fear. With what I learned from you, I won’t make any of those foolish moves.

I was chasing through the city of faith, if I could just reconcile my disbelief with where I had found my feet. She was inked – Far more than the sketches of past lovers covered her skin. Even the hardest of warriors can kneel before the softest of things; Don’t be fooled, this softness is purely out of love – I mentioned once – The fiercest thing I ever felt was her bearing fangs down on me. I quiver at the way I was rounded out, the way I was gleaned from roughness, the way my cracks were filled as she lay atop me pressing into whatever wounds I now have long become one with. That night she gleamed like the crest of a lighthouse from my chest, and still I could only pretend to not be blind to love.

Let me ask you; Would you sell your soul,
You know I can’t help but laugh at this – Wait, let me finish okay?
Go ahead, no you first – I would. You didn’t let me finish,
You know me, whatever you have to say wouldn’t change it,
And I know you, you’d take the risk no matter what – Just to see me first hand

And I might miss you if I start to think of you, and that’s something I don’t wanna do, So I’ll hit up a bottle instead of you, yeah I’m leaving, no going back – Call me weak, but it took incredible strength to pick up another drink. Hell, I was speeding. There was no telling if I could keep it together, and at this point it doesn’t have any consequence since we’re beyond that. You are half of us, but we are enough; We are whole to start like every puzzle fresh out of the box – It just takes time to put together.

16 thoughts on “That’s When I Knew I Had Done The Worst

  1. Liz says:

    “You are half of us, but we are enough; We are whole to start like every puzzle fresh out of the box – It just takes time to put together.”

    I really can’t get enough of your writing. Thank you for continuing to share. Have a great night!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. itsvishakha says:

    There is question you have put up, “let me ask you; Would you sell your soul”?
    Umm, I have a feeling that, when we fall blindly in those pure trapping feelings, we have almost sold our soul!! I feel!! 😀
    That’s just my belief!! (:

    Liked by 2 people

  3. franz says:

    great ! enjoyed reading them and can’t get enough to all of it ….Thanks a lot .I already sold my soul to the devil with you now your asking?

    Liked by 1 person

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