Well You’ve Gone & Stolen The Wrong Pillar

Will you understand it all upon first glance?
No, I doubt it. There is far more here than words.

It is with great irony I believe, that the last thing to leave most of us is our ability to grip this earth; Perhaps it’s so that the stubborn among us will not even upon death grasp the purpose of their life without a fair effort.

We are loving, but together we’re incompatible love – Although recent growth has shown promise of future beauty, your nerves remember; They shutter without speaking, and it is a deep choice to go against fair warning. I am not of such arrogant hubris to request that strength; I would never ask you to travel to such depths. But it is a place with a calming allure; If you ever feel the desire to dip your feet in the water once in a while – Go ahead tell me it ain’t so sweet – I wouldn’t mind feeling a little closer to your side of things when you close your eyes and see the place where you used to be alive.

I don’t remember my dreams when I sleep anymore. I’d like to think that it is because my waking hours are so incredibly exhilarating to each of the senses that there is no need for my soul to dream. I am there in my heaven each moment I am awake, stepping cloud to cloud! It may be that for all I do during the day, my weary mind begs me to give it reprieve; Yes, I always decline, and so it does the best it can quieting the night allowing me to go along the way I have chosen. I do consider my choice here to have potential for alarm. To put your success in the hands of human choice isn’t the most confident of bets – collectively we’ve all made choices; Look at how that turned out. My confidence in myself moving forwards does work to put it all at ease. Observation would tell you I’ve never been one to go for ease though.

I like that side of her; That side that wants to pretend it didn’t happen. That means it did and she’s thinking about it; That means all of this is a hard choice – That means it is something worth considering against the contrary. She was talking, clearly, always clear, but she chose to say this quietly as if to make sure I was really listening – And I was. I didn’t have to listen, but I wanted to. I wanted her to speak until the entire world lay asleep except for me, following the senses through her wooded foothills of cognition. I would give of my time, and keep the ceiling from caving in while she read from her scrolls. Sure the shelves were burning down around us, but this was what I wanted to put it all towards – The preservation of peace and true wonder, a mystery that would never be solved, for a bit longer. Then, without need for anything more, I would leave the woods as sacred as I had found it. I would leave it more peaceful than when I had entered.


7 thoughts on “Well You’ve Gone & Stolen The Wrong Pillar

  1. itsvishakha says:

    Beautiful like always!!
    I always feel its a voice screaming on behalf of broken souls!!! 😀

    Btw I can’t see your posts in my recent new blogs!! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. itsvishakha says:

    You write so daam good that views don’t really matter. Your words talk!!

    Or maybe there is recession to your blogs cause of the same problem I’m facing!!

    Trust me like I’m in love with ur blogs many do follow the same!! 😛


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