Au Revoir

You’re falling asleep. Come on sleepy head, don’t fall asleep – Get up, come on. I closed my eyes.

Maybe something is wrong with me; You know what happens when you invite doubt to have a drink. The bastard runs with it and next thing you know he’s married to your thoughts; You find yourself double checking things you’re certain of; You find yourself with the right answer afraid to pull the trigger; Aimed at the mark, but you strike just off center.

Come on sleepy head, now you’re falling asleep on me – I wanted to spend time with you, you’re passing out. I know, I know I’m sorry, you said. – It’s okay baby I know you’re busy. It’s okay. I kiss her forehead, and do my best to quell the urge to put my lips on every inch of her tired body.

Lay with me. I want you to lay with me. You’re the palette of the human soul. Everything is waiting on you darling. My heart stays calm, my hands do not shake; It’s entirely clear whoever said it first had to of touched the mud at the bottom. When you meet the right people you will find everything that you had previously felt uncertain about is of no real concern. Take some water, be sure to pace your breathing. You have to take this slow. I’ve gone fast, and you saw where it landed me.

You know me… I don’t mean to be misleading. I don’t intend to say that the right people will always lift you up. Sure, they certainly can, and I know that you’ve at times felt the disillusions diminish; Still, with the bitterest of sweet tastes, circumstance will call us to our best. We will slip, we will fall, often learning more about ourselves as we come down than when we finally begin to climb once more; And most when we crash through what we had thought to be the bottom,

You are so new – Your smell unstained by any past experience – A place in this giant blur that I’ve never known before, but familiar still; Is that even possible? Are you going to heal my soul? Don’t wait up. I didn’t think so. Man I’m so high I think I love you. You probably don’t understand what I mean.

There was something in me I sought to control. I found control was not in my favor. There was something in me I wanted to direct. I found myself hesitant. There was something in me I let flow, and down the river it goes

You probably don’t understand what I mean.

8 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. itsvishakha says:

    I have a question, can I shoot?!

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  2. jjspina says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you. Best wishes your interesting blog!

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