Quotes for Quenching – 5

“Speed propels the vitality of life, attitude controls it, momentum maintains it, patience protects it, leadership guides it, and intellect unleashes it.”

– Unknown at this time
To be quick is to be free of doubt, to choose;
Anyone who chooses to lay too long
Will find themselves fading with the same speed.
And what of the view you have held?
Like the control gauge or throttle keeping you on
I’ve seen you slow down to a crawl, to a stop,
and forget to get back up.
Have a cool drink to keep healthy joints, sip it smooth
Our patience here will ensure we know to use our time,
Dare you try to command this,
I’ll tell you to guide your own hide
Call yourself a thinker, you’ll breathe just fine

For what reason are you so vital?


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