With Such A Scent How Could I Resist The Chase

I’d rather meet you in a place of your choosing, or accidentally in a field of wild flowers, matching the gradients of our souls.

Taste of these buds,
Blossoming in this warm winter,
Are you taking it slow?
Are you taking it slow?
How much do you want to know?
I’ve held wealths of gold – I didn’t know
Silly me – Just because it didn’t glow

Is this impressive? I’m not out to do that, I just live this way and it can’t be helped. I will either go up in a blaze that blitzes towards its own flame-out or dive into a hole so dark that light as far as we understand it will not escape that void.

You see me in this moment? I am me and that is what I find so freeing. That even in your light, with all your glorious rays, I am present honestly; My mind refuses to close its eye. I revere you, sacred, I do not keep you. I reveal all that I am palms open to you, yet this is not worship – And the laurels rest upon you to show me yours. Can you read my energy clearly? I’ve traveled a great distance to meet you here. It has taken all of me to be as water

Let me talk about all the things I’ll do to you,
The things only I could show you in this smile;
If a smile can even be procured at this point,
We’ll just have to wait and see what’s coming.


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