How Do You Go So Deep?

I think I can take this to where it has been needing to go. Yes I see a path not yet carved out, but inherent in the grains. The way the winds cut just right in order to drift you here to me. We’ve got just enough to pull this off if we stay attentive. I know we missed a few things, but correct form will just about bring us to shore. All that will be needed is a bit of that human condition, that constant reach, the one that calls us forever short of the next step, but demands we figure it out.

Come on baby here we are. We have everything. We don’t want to be late. Not like last time. Although I wouldn’t really mind – Even if everyone was waiting on us. I’ve got to show my selfish side every now and again. For you I’d even go so far as to say, “fuck em.” They don’t need us, and we damn sure don’t need them.

She told me about all the places she had found tonight, and all I could think of was the glass of gin and cranberry, a terrible mix, that had been sitting on the table since the prior night. I pulled my quixotic mind to safety and lay upon the deck. She found quiet places, faces with no explanations – places you could sit and have a cigarette alone or with someone else who didn’t make it feel like someone else was there anymore than a fallen tree. In truth, the fallen tree probably gave off more of a presence. The fact was she could sit there and be alone. Was this one of those places? Had she found one right here in the living room across the table from me? I’ve heard we can find anything if it’s all we look for; If we only see clues marked on these comically tragic maps we all carry around then what hope is there that we’ll stumble upon anything golden? Still we always do it seems.

Are we arguing right now? Okay, we have approximately 9 more seconds to argue about this.

Okay, incredible. Time is up. Was there even time to begin with?


2 thoughts on “How Do You Go So Deep?

  1. ajoy_art says:

    I really love that line ‘faces with no explanations’ .. I wander what that would look like. Eyes say so much. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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