Quotes for Quenching – 10

“Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being “in love” which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.” – Louis de Bernières

You feel it, you felt it, you know this.
Erupting; You ring loudly, and after a time you settle in:
There is nothing to be ashamed of,
What was you were, and you have more breaths to take.

Know that even the Sun will stop burning one day – It is not a failure, but the way of things.

What Inspires Me Most – Along The Way To Golgonooza

Day to day the little moments in which I am alive; Those little instants in which I take a breath consciously and hold it just a little longer: Even though at surface level that’s impossible. The face of the earth and all her beauty; Her light and her darkness, her softness and her necessary adamance. Her hope in the face of doubting shadows – Her desire to give when the vessel appears empty – Those who gift happiness because they would never have it all to themselves; You, yes you too inspire me most with all your growth and elements I’m still discovering.

Let me take this walk along the countryside where I will find you down by the riverside, tip toes dipped in the water running wild child, I want to reach out my hand and fall into your stream, with a howl at the moon beneath it’s glow, from the depths of the tall grass, I’ll soothe your bones, deep into the night we’ll topple walls, walk among the ruins and step down from thrones, because we could have it all, but we learned from the fall: The way we smile when we found out we were born of the stars; It’s common courtesy to remind each other of our natural wonders and here beneath this willow tree I use my will to feed on you the ripened fruit while you watch me bleed out all my tragedy; Here I wear no mask because there is no need: Always the universe was inside of me; Hiding is impossible when you are lightning – So why don’t we really brighten up, crash down and start a primordial stew for two – Thirst is an understatement when you’ve devoured the dunes, have a drink I’ll pour it out of you, fountains will flow, and mountains will move. The winds will breathe change and we’ll have already left our old ways – And then we’ll go for a run, stretch out these limbs and fly for fun, all in a day when you know how to play – Along the way to Golgonooza

Will I see you there? Will you walk bare with me?

Why Don’t You Ask Her

And I’m going to be truth telling here; I spent some time doing things that if I had told the complete truth someone would have lost faith in humanity, but you know I couldn’t let them do that – I’m humanity – A look in my eyes will tell you: As I point to your mind, your soul, your heart, that I can’t let us down that road again. We have places to go and it’s a good ways away, but we can’t speed up our progression without missing the vital keys – Now I’m getting kinetic with it, touching senses you didn’t expect of this writ, this is more than some zeros in a bank and you can’t deny the statement –  I can’t lie when I tell you the truth, if you want to hear it this is what he said, “Why don’t you ask her.”

I bet the sex is good. She laughed. You know what you feel and I don’t have to say anything more. I can read your eyes like they were the neon lights on them Vegas signs – You void like a stolen credit card, and that ain’t what is meant to be found in the fountain; There should be an endless spout of joy pouring out them, but only you can remove the block and let it flow green into the valley – I been talking about this way too much and still the way you drinking it hasn’t been enough.

Even though I got nothing I’ve got it all, it’s on ten, and everything you reach for you consume, and soon you’re empty again for sure, but you know that’s on you. So what you going to do? Ain’t no tellin’ how the boy is going to change – We can only hope that he does, but that isn’t for you to stick around and wait on cause you got things that need attending to, so why don’t you go on and build a new life for you

Going up, putting everything on the line, because I’m done walking it, it’s about me this time – I’m selfish and deciding it’s fine

I’m Going To Take You Into The Dark

Now I’m afraid of what she finds in the dark, as I’ve seen her crawling, and sprawling me with her arms.
Do you know dangerous? Have you ever been trapped in a labyrinth? Would you walk straight into the dark and trust your senses – or would you put your hands out afraid to leave the wall? I’ve got words for her that describe a horrible tragedy beautifully, and she’s looking like it. Wonder if there is any point to all this? I’m sure death could be such a point, but only for a moment – I guess the only question that matters is, “Is the grass wet?”

I’ve begun to feel that the drugs are a way to think;
I’m beginning to think that the drugs are a way to feel;
Your body pressed hard against my frame, at this rate
It seems no matter what I pick up, I can’t put it down
My reason neglects it or I’ve got a good one to abuse
Told you do it right, so your eyes change and light up

Burn these clothes off to get our souls off, awakening
Standing in the rain and I’m all lightning up, every oz,
Of love is another 28.35 grams I’ll hit of us till it’s gone

You want more, this bank is always open,
Walk through that door even if you’re choking
Want some air, there’s none of that here
Only what you need; Come and get lifted.

“Come and get lifted”

Oh you missed the hues you couldn’t see with the lights on didn’t you

And What Is It We Will Tell All the Children

I see so many becoming distant, filling with hate and anger, and it scares me – I am afraid they will look to the past as an example of how to get what’s desired rather than using the powerful reason and imagination resting within to birth something beautiful and new.

Will it be that we did our best? Will it be more lies?

Wisdom of Woja

You know how they say, “If you love someone, set them free?”
It’s like a more polite way of saying, “Shut the fuck up, and move on!”
– To Himself, Wisdom of Woja

And you might feel a shutter from the bluntness,
but in the end it’s edging you onto your next high.
How long do you want to remain low?
By all means take your time with the process and all,
but I assure you as true as the blooms will return,
So will your joy – If you choose to nourish it.

Feed that urge, feed that spirit,
that love within you is hungry,
don’t you starve it now

It’s Just You And This Music Tonight

Sometimes you just need someone to commit with.
What kind of magic do I have in my fingertips?
Lightning fire, blast you up, make you melt, rough as fuck.
Because sometimes you need a pair of eyes
to look right into your soul; in all their silence,
they are still so loud. I’ll be found – I don’t know,
Am I wildin’ – I’ll never call it right, I won’t be that blind.
The stuff you want is mine, and I’m not keeping anything tonight

I won’t paint it red, won’t let you burn it either
Cause I’m not talking fire, at least not a consuming pyre
I want the crucible, strike it while it’s hot from the furnace,
On the anvil we are birthing days – hammer that shit out,
The taste of you is incredible – especially when I’m hungry
Are you afraid of being lonely? Press those claws into me,
Tear a little flesh, I swear it will look good on me,
Oh you’ve got the means to rip apart anyone you please.
That’s a dangerous characteristic – I can hear it seethe
Should I put you down or drop with you under me?

Are you ready to turn up the heat? Like it was possible to imagine
something hotter than the moment we touched baby.
I’ve got you on this throne like Satan himself done claimed your soul;
Like he made a pact so dark he had to stop by a few minutes before 8
To pick you up and take you out for everything you never felt
And with that even God can hear you gasping,
From beyond the night sky we’ll go swimming in
Because we all know now you’ve had a taste,
No one stops until they’ve touched the depths
Take this vehicle for a drive down your spine, fingers ride the lines,
The curves between familiar, and never felt better
This the kind of shit that take you back to the beginning
– Talking bout the big bang of the universe
I was there once, and now here we are.

When she was here couldn’t get enough,
when she’s gone like she was never here at all,
couldn’t keep her under the covers, too hot,
had to break it off, find a new spot, turn the pillow over,
cool it off, And now I’m all talk, about was this real life,
or was I just a roll of the dice, hit luck once, thought it was all mine,
but I couldn’t sign, granted, it wasn’t worth the dime,
they we’re trying to push on me, and I just spent the time,
not worrying about whether it was worth my life,
All in now, you can’t call me ‘mine’
You want to get down, then fall down
I don’t worry about the outcome, just the way I got there,
Dead in my grave, it was worth the nightmare
So tell me, do you think life is fair?
I wonder if you could of done better here

I’m On My Way

When I feel that my own side of the bed is cold,
Some things start to make sense, fallin’ into place,
I’m wondering what I’m writing on my own face

Why does it become so hard towards the end;
to kill off my demons?
Why do they scream?
Why do they cry in my ears?
Why do they refuse to go from my flesh,
without suffocating my cells to the mitochondria,
Am I to ever be free of these dead birds around my head?

Alas, I walk amongst tall woods,
and by the branches spread,
I glimpse the true light;
my mind wrestles my heart,
my body all but torn to part,
whispers I need not fear,
for my soul, be I all ears,
will find me at rest some day