And What Is It We Will Tell All the Children

I see so many becoming distant, filling with hate and anger, and it scares me – I am afraid they will look to the past as an example of how to get what’s desired rather than using the powerful reason and imagination resting within to birth something beautiful and new.

Will it be that we did our best? Will it be more lies?

3 thoughts on “And What Is It We Will Tell All the Children

  1. George says:

    Provocative thought


  2. lucieguerre says:

    Your words are so beautiful. I find me coming back to them time and time again. I feel like a novice compared to you. You must search painstakingly for the most perfect words to say what it is you are trying to say. I am amazed. Simply amazed. The way you use words is astounding.

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    • It does take me a great search for all the words laid out here as I never settle when putting them together. At times I must concede that I’ve done well and let it be ‘done’ else nothing would ever be published. I appreciate you taking the time to come back and get your desire’s worth and thank you for your panegyric šŸ™‚

      Don’t feel less accomplished because of anything I’ve written – Write to enjoy, and for what you feel when you do!

      Thanks again,

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