Why Don’t You Ask Her

And I’m going to be truth telling here; I spent some time doing things that if I had told the complete truth someone would have lost faith in humanity, but you know I couldn’t let them do that – I’m humanity – A look in my eyes will tell you: As I point to your mind, your soul, your heart, that I can’t let us down that road again. We have places to go and it’s a good ways away, but we can’t speed up our progression without missing the vital keys – Now I’m getting kinetic with it, touching senses you didn’t expect of this writ, this is more than some zeros in a bank and you can’t deny the statement –  I can’t lie when I tell you the truth, if you want to hear it this is what he said, “Why don’t you ask her.”

I bet the sex is good. She laughed. You know what you feel and I don’t have to say anything more. I can read your eyes like they were the neon lights on them Vegas signs – You void like a stolen credit card, and that ain’t what is meant to be found in the fountain; There should be an endless spout of joy pouring out them, but only you can remove the block and let it flow green into the valley – I been talking about this way too much and still the way you drinking it hasn’t been enough.

Even though I got nothing I’ve got it all, it’s on ten, and everything you reach for you consume, and soon you’re empty again for sure, but you know that’s on you. So what you going to do? Ain’t no tellin’ how the boy is going to change – We can only hope that he does, but that isn’t for you to stick around and wait on cause you got things that need attending to, so why don’t you go on and build a new life for you

Going up, putting everything on the line, because I’m done walking it, it’s about me this time – I’m selfish and deciding it’s fine

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Ask Her

  1. ASH says:

    Reads like the double-barrel flash in your eyes


  2. itsvishakha says:

    This is touche!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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