Wisdom of Woja – 05

How does all this add up to something greater, I barely feel whole now

“That’s because you can only see the first couple of steps, and you’ve added them up; It happened within a time frame where you were able to get comfortable, like that frog in the pot, but this isn’t about cooking. You might cook so it could be, but right now it’s just about looking around.”

Just keep adding and before you know it, there is going to be this happening; A continuous curve increasing; where you are will be greater than where you were. All those tiny steps added up, and you’ve still got more to climb.

Eventually 1+1 awakens something.


Ora et labora, or God through Labor

Are you awake yet? I thought I heard you stirring in this sweat.
God, I’ve been grinding, now I’m talking to myself.
I should speak a little softer, sing a little sweeter when I rest.
If putting my head down at night were satisfying
Mic drop, I’d never picked it up again

Isn’t that humor divine when you’ve seen eternity in your time
Yeah, I’m forever laughing, a long half life,
Some days I’m gone, can’t reach me, I’m offline
Been a while now, but I think it’s about right, reevaluate
Pick back up for one more good night out before I put the lights out

Look more closely between me and the buried,
Don’t get too close because some things aren’t meant for marriage
I said too close you’ll miss my vantage
Watch you stumble up on stage, Yeah this is the play,
Worse you could do is end up on fire with nothing to say
Soon to go out, having nothing to show
Everybody thinking I thought this was meant to be a killer show

I’m on fire, hell of a time
I see you, I want you, I am you, How’s that for a biblical line
Yeah I’m working, into the morning, wondering how long I’ve got to keep twerking
Burning the oil, I’ve been trying to go green, but I see some of you deep green
You can make it rain, but we’re all still waiting – Got a bad drought, the whole world is thirsty
And when you don’t do anything it’s because you’re empty.

But this is where I’ll refrain and hit you with the refrain:
I really wish you would face your fears,
Staring in the mirror baby girl your face is his,
Take off all the layers and embrace what’s beneath all that skin
Yeah I see it all, your face shows it all, shows it all,
We could start right here, take you to the sky it’s no big deal,
Show it all, show it all, I wanna see, you a star,

Mixing with my words, I hope you catch it all

I’m not a distributor, I stopped the deliverer, go out and get yourself some more

Quotes for Quenching – 18

Do not spend your life searching for a place to call home. Make the bones in your skeleton the only structure you need. – Haley Hendrick

With time as your skeleton, how many years go by before you realize it’s been a while? How many lives will you live before your breath has awakened you, shaken you; I can not bear to watch you approach these crumbling towers. You were born with the will to power, stop running from your strength, stop clinging to your weakness; You don’t realize it but you’ve been building pillars your entire life – It’s time to use them as they were intended.

With or without the light, you stand tall.
Do not wince at the winds in the dark.

Wisdom of Woja – 04 Seeing What You’ve Always Been Looking At

“You know people change, and sometimes it is shit, but they have to do it, because at one time they weren’t that great to start – So it ends up working out.”

You’ll see things differently; And I don’t mean from other people. You’ll see things differently from how you see them now. People, yourself, crushes you’ve had, ideas, events, all of it. Things that once made you lose your temper, perhaps you’ll keep it now. The things that once made you sad, perhaps you’ll smile instead. The things that have made you feel – Let’s hope they make you feel more – When you begin to see through your eyes without any tint, if you can align everything reasonably, nothing will look the same, and you will still have new things to discover.

The Time Keeper – 04

A long time was spent feeling immured in an unbearable lethargy. Passion was not enough to kick the pistons of his engine into speed, he had lost desire to dream, and felt rampant an emotional irregularity. Yet, It wasn’t all the worst; So much was taken from then, so much that made him thorough, that he could finally lay his head to rest at night, if he ever chose to these days. It can become a terrible thing when you can’t be bothered with sleep. He’s always playing that irony card, yeah he says the same old excuse that most of us do – I don’t have the time – It’s funny though because he has all the time. Which is silly, of course it isn’t his, but there’s so much he could borrow a few and what would it really change?

You see this kid from, well excuse me for not really explaining in detail; I think it was somewhere in Europe. He had a cleverness about him that was far too quick. If he was pinned down in a solo bank heist, here’s the kicker, he’d pin it on the guy next to him. Yes, he’d pin it on someone who he had only moments before convinced that they were the one who planned it from the start. Imagine that! He robbed banks just to help someone else rob a bank they never intended to take. How you get away with that is anything but transparent to the average observer. I know you’re wondering how this kid has anything to do with the time keeper. He has everything to do with him though, and that’s why it’s such a good listen.

Well if worse comes to worse, there is no worst.

The Time Keeper – 03

When talking about time and the keeper, some words just stick a little longer or have a funny chime to them. And that’s because for him it always is happening, that damned chime, all the time. I mean it is hard to get away from a person who is always there, and of course I mean everywhere – but he only has to be present when you take a little risk – Most the time he doesn’t have to stop in; but you get to scratching, when you start thinking about hanging the moon where it shouldn’t be, even for a couple of seconds… well he has to intervene. It’s got to be done. Do you know what happens if someone gets away with one minute? No, that was a question I’m considering. I’m not all that certain what, if anything, happens. The way he keeps everything cut, I’d imagine it has got to be dire; All those suits couldn’t possibly be acting out of fear, the unknown couldn’t frighten them into form from all the way back in antiquity till eternity one.

It’s good, you’re not asking questions – Is my head still on straight at this point? What does it matter;
Although I am skeptical of a person who isn’t the least bit curious in veering off the highlighted route.

The only people that should be afraid of change are the people who benefit from things staying the same, which is only in the short run –  Unless you have limited vision

The Time Keeper – 02

On his arrangements, the time keeper wasn’t always so orderly. It comes out every now and then, a glimpse to what can’t be erased from the past. You wouldn’t know without spending a bit with him that, despite their immutability, he isn’t much into rules. Yes, he almost wants you to get away with some time, perhaps so it didn’t seem so in the right place always; But like everyone, he’s got a job to do. It doesn’t matter what you feel, or what you think might be possible – even if it is – He can’t keep them waiting, not if he wants to stay in good position.

There have been a few in the past that were called flukes in the records. Sometimes things elude you or someone a little more clever comes along and shows you what you didn’t know existed to lay your eyes on, of course everyone learns something. I guess this can’t really be told without touching on the others. Yes, I will have to speak on them because after all our stories, yours and mine are all woven together. It would be impractical to tell each of them separately when they all crisscross and lap!

It’s nice to finally meet you, the last face I’ll see, I’ll see that you don’t forget me.