Quotes for Quenching – 12

“All that remains of that minute is time in all its purity, bone-white time. Marguerite Duras, from The Ravishing of Lol Stein

But her smile as she gleamed into me,
Well that was something to really look at,
To think how I got so blessed in this one,
60 seconds of pure melted euphoric butter
How stripped of a single worry I had chanced upon;
Like picking up a drink that’s not as expected,
A drink so cool and happening (I do know it’s happening),
That your mind refreshes, and for a bit – You can blink starry eyed into a night that is crisp as a new book; Tumbling through the pages pouring into the minds of characters you’d almost use a second wish up to meet for a night out; Yes, that’s the kind of minute it was, one you could hold on to for a while – Check my watch and realize I’ve still got it right under the little hand. I smile, you’re smiling because you’ve got no reason not to, I look down again and tell myself, “Keep this one, just keep it until the keeper comes asking questions about it’s disappearance from the records – Hell, he has all the time to come and find it.

Oh I must have gone around again, I forgot the power in these hands.

Time, yes, let me tell you about the time… keeper…

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