The Night Thief

We both sighed the relief of an old gas furnace release valve; Turned to look at each other, and simultaneously asked with, I know you don’t belong here smiles, “What are you doing here?” We both laughed, I looked down, she answered, “Cousin’s birthday, I’m tired, and I just want to go home.”

The music is too loud in there, no one can hear anyone speak, and all interactions are restricted to one of these looks, and so I gave her the look and we both laughed again. Through her laughter she spoke up, “Yes, yes, what are you doing here?” I paused and gave her a soft smile of appreciation then told her, “Looking for you.”

Then you must be greatly relieved to have found me here.
I wouldn’t call myself a man of any faith in others, but I couldn’t have more spirit wash over me if I had been there when the third poured out over the firsts; You can understand the significance of such a tasting.

“And what does fire taste like Mr…” I gave her a name, but at that instant an altercation broke out and she didn’t hear me properly. Then another man began to accost her, as she looked me into the eyes and told me, “He isn’t shit, none of them are shit, don’t you worry.” I smirked, “I won’t say anything about what they are or aren’t.” At this time it was louder than if a person had moved through a festival crowd and made it front and center.

“Isn’t it rather maddening Mr…? I apologize I missed your name before.” Instead of giving her my name again I gave her what she was looking for, “Crazy is just a state of mind, that everyone is running from. Imagine not having tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge. What an awful prospect that would be – I moved my face towards her’s with the confidence of the stallion’s stride across open fields; I knew nothing else. Pausing a breath away from her, I felt her look up at me like I was the full moon; She was the waves which I had pulled forth – I imagined as Adam must have reasoned, if such an innocent man could truly contemplate, that I would not be the one to pass up the fruit.

I don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s high above the clouds


How was that? Did I get anyone’s mind turning? Let me know how you felt throughout!

And please, let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about this Night Thief. Who know’s what else has been stolen in the dark


5 thoughts on “The Night Thief

  1. Dana says:

    Hmmm — it doesn’t seem that he truly stole anything. 😉

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