Ora et labora, or God through Labor

Are you awake yet? I thought I heard you stirring in this sweat.
God, I’ve been grinding, now I’m talking to myself.
I should speak a little softer, sing a little sweeter when I rest.
If putting my head down at night were satisfying
Mic drop, I’d never picked it up again

Isn’t that humor divine when you’ve seen eternity in your time
Yeah, I’m forever laughing, a long half life,
Some days I’m gone, can’t reach me, I’m offline
Been a while now, but I think it’s about right, reevaluate
Pick back up for one more good night out before I put the lights out

Look more closely between me and the buried,
Don’t get too close because some things aren’t meant for marriage
I said too close you’ll miss my vantage
Watch you stumble up on stage, Yeah this is the play,
Worse you could do is end up on fire with nothing to say
Soon to go out, having nothing to show
Everybody thinking I thought this was meant to be a killer show

I’m on fire, hell of a time
I see you, I want you, I am you, How’s that for a biblical line
Yeah I’m working, into the morning, wondering how long I’ve got to keep twerking
Burning the oil, I’ve been trying to go green, but I see some of you deep green
You can make it rain, but we’re all still waiting – Got a bad drought, the whole world is thirsty
And when you don’t do anything it’s because you’re empty.

But this is where I’ll refrain and hit you with the refrain:
I really wish you would face your fears,
Staring in the mirror baby girl your face is his,
Take off all the layers and embrace what’s beneath all that skin
Yeah I see it all, your face shows it all, shows it all,
We could start right here, take you to the sky it’s no big deal,
Show it all, show it all, I wanna see, you a star,

Mixing with my words, I hope you catch it all

I’m not a distributor, I stopped the deliverer, go out and get yourself some more

6 thoughts on “Ora et labora, or God through Labor

  1. mr gahon says:

    your writing style is just really awesome, really admirable

    Liked by 1 person

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