A Thing About Low Hanging Fruit

Let me tell you something about low hanging fruit and opportunity: There happens to be more than one type, and not all of them are as easy as turning your face up to the sky to drink.

Perhaps it was the intent of some to focus on those vile offenders who would reap the benefit of such ease, going on only to cause distress to others around them once they had plucked their golden opportunity – It’s not fair, that such a cruelty can persist and hurt a majority for long after; But these people have made their choices, and in time they will answer for it all – Yet some do not quite deserve this damning image.

There are low hanging treasures that sit much below the sky such that a mistaken twist of the neck up won’t reveal. These fruits hang low, but are hidden beneath, and behind deep foliage – They require foraging that works even the most diligent into a deep exhaustion. Although there to all for the picking, the person who seeks it must still have their eyes more than open and put in the effort to retrieve it. Call them geniuses, call them keen observers, it still doesn’t not come without effort.

We can only hope that the work required will humble them to the nature of life, and not harden them to the beauty of it.

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