The Giving

If you give, I know someone who will too

It’s an art, in and of itself, to give – you’ve been giving me looks
We’ve got a ways to go, so don’t be so sure that It’s lost on me
Never really have I been this far, or here before
Did you feel it – That motion? In the end what will be left?
Keep on giving and we’ll never have to find out, at least not now.

I see bright vivids of the imagination, deep hues of the soul;
both begging me to come along, and paint something silent.
All this speaking, all this wild, you haven’t had this much fun in a while.
To think you told me we wouldn’t have time to put the kettle on;
And here we are laughing about how we forgot to take it off
Look at you give – That tmesis a purpose – Per-fucking-fection.

Look at you, crepuscular beauty, and not a bit less in the first light;
God, it’s been so bare, but I open my eyes to your acronycal petrichor
Before you I was nebbish, although you say I was never
To say I was lost in a labyrinth, one encounter with you and I was enchanted,
Put it all on black, I had to know this beauty in the dark before my life ended.

The only zeugma I ever really entertained;
You took your time while you took my heart,
places it had only thought existed in the arts

Above all others there is one who is the greatest in this craft… nature always laughs


2 thoughts on “The Giving

  1. This is superb. It caught me completely. The third verse in particular. But it is all, good.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud.

    Liked by 1 person

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