Wisdom of Woja – 06

“You know when the ride goes around and it starts to come to a stop, you think, I wish it were still going… Well life is.”

Isn’t it peculiar how after so many rides we begin to find ourselves slightly bored with the initial going up on a coaster?
No one can deny that the anticipation it builds doesn’t lend to the exhilaration of taking that first plummet; leading into a soaring rise – It’s entertainment. We took a few goes, and start to wear thin on the purpose of anticipation. No one wants to wait anymore, hell no one wants the ride to end.

Realize that the wait is crucial to the ride. I’ve seen people go round and round thinking they’ve got everything they could hope for – You can see it occurring – They start to grow tired. They forget what was so exciting and breathtaking about the whole happening to begin with. Removing themselves from the circle, from the immersion of the wait, has sullied their experience. It has taken from them their potential to fully enjoy, and captivate what it was that gasped within them.

I was going real high there,
I was going real high there,
I felt like I could
I felt like I would

One thought on “Wisdom of Woja – 06

  1. itsvishakha says:

    Last para, simple but nice


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