Quotes for Quenching – Down the Line

A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction. – Oscar Wilde

What do you feel has changed about me from the start?

It is the nature of exploring what is and can be – We go where our loves take us, and end up knowing the full ramifications in retrospect; bound to go that deep as you say, is in every way a mystery. I will do things that I’ve never done, all in search of what I am becoming.

And what is that hanging off of your gaze there?
You seem to have yourself blue with bated breath,
For what flower are you waiting to bloom?
Is it the Day Lily? Such patience and restraint it takes,
To wait seasons to hold it from its first morning to its last evening.

Do you remember your own smile?
No, I know you can’t take it in like another can.
You see it in the pictures they take, and in others when they glow,
but you don’t know it like us
It is that smile that convinced me I shouldn’t stop.
Let me describe it now, I will find the right words.
Well the light, the shine: Rich as Croesus
I will stop

I… I seem to be barren right now.
I can’t actually recall your smile – I guess I bore false witness

I’m fearful I can’t bury what I’ve done, that a mind really can be cracked and poured into the world of dreams, from where it can never be entirely recollected like an egg emptied into a body of water. The question prodding is why would you ever empty an egg into a body of water? I guess just to see what might happen, only the mind is of more consequence than the egg.

I wanted to take you with me, I wanted to stay and lay again into sleep and wake up to you hitting me because I snore too loudly at times; I wanted to laugh and have it all again from morning until night; A never ending life just for a time – but a good cry was enough, and then I knew I had to get on.

The primifluous strokes aren’t always the greatest,
but after such a hiatus they always feel the best.
On second hand, the opening wine should always be the best,
Later on they forget about the rest.

I guess some of us just require more risk to feel comfortable.


8 thoughts on “Quotes for Quenching – Down the Line

  1. Requite more risk to feel comfortable? Well, I wonder … 🙂

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  2. I’ll quote this very much.

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  3. Liz says:

    I guess some of us require more risk to feel comfortable..

    Yes a great quote, there’s so much in these words IV … You’re the best!

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  4. Joseph McIntyre says:

    What thoughts to reflect to; I recently lost my partner of twenty-plus years, nine weeks today, 63 days, The loss is overwhelming. I enjoyed all the entries, two that I could get lost in. ” It is the nature of exploring what is and can be – …” and the second one…..had Joe and Hutch all over it; “I wanted to take you with me,…”
    Thank you,

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    • I appreciate you finding your way here through it all, and leaving me this message. I am sure this which you are experiencing is nothing short of gripping. I do hope you continue to find things that you can be lost in for a time, and perhaps you may lose track a bit with some creation of your own. I do know from time to time I come to my own page and pick a random point to read from, always rediscovering what once was my core. Feel free to reach out to me in any of the comment sections.
      Thank you Joe,
      – IV


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