Quotes for Quenching – 26

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love; women like to be a man’s last romance.” —Oscar Wilde

I told her she best assure herself that nails will be enough,
Because a lock on the casket would never keep me inside
Of course we both laugh because if they were to close it,
I probably would be too late to the event to actually be inside
She told me to just bury everything, knowing I’m too busy;
Too busy to ever have the time to sort out who gets what.
She likes it that way, knowing that no one else will have it
Sure they might get pieces, but they will never get all of it.
I’m always laughing because there never really was much.

A woman’s voice crosses the empty floor space of a dim room,
“His passion was everything. It ran deep, cut hard through rock,
and penetrated me like a .357 revolver.”

Who are you telling?

I always told her she was the desert oasis, sheltering – but elusive.
And without its gifts, impending doom out in the heat would be less bearable

Reveal yourself only to those who cross the sands

To him I was that endless flow after you’d gone dry too long;
And although you’re desiccated,
If one drop could be squeezed from you;
It’s me – the only material fluid still in you – A drink of me

Quotes for Quenching – 25

“I’ve tried every way I could to tell you that I wanted you to kiss me…” – Katherine Mansfield, from Something Childish & Other Stories

Be your cool self; At times when you’re hot you’re too much.
Too much, but it’s perfect because I want to burst wide open.
I want to explode with the fullness, I want to boil over with it.
I want you running down my sides like rain on window panes
And stick to me for the length water adhesion holds it to glass,

She wanted to hold my hand
but only for a night.
I knew that look in her eyes.
I wore it all the time;
That’s lust for the experience
Truthfully, most nights
I wore only skin to feel bare
Baring fangs to pierce
She was not a familiar taste
It propelled me inward
I couldn’t extinguish a light so pure
Against my nature I ran
If I was going to go somewhere
It’d be my own disaster

Stop and get a watermelon on the way.
Pick a good one because the sweetness will make the surprise that much better.
Do you know how to pick a good one?
You want to put your ear to it, like soft ground, listening for the whispers of promise.
Place your palm firm against the flesh,
Now press your finger tips in with enough grip to start leaving your prints upon it.
From here you want to slowly move your hand away; go ahead and give it a good slap
That sound gets everyone a little piqued.

Where are you going?
Why do you have to always be moving?
You can rest and not be considered dead!
I had to leave, how many times have I left now?

Quotes for Quenching – 24

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” – Rumi

And how long? Don’t give me that fool’s gold. How long has it been?

I haven’t been paying much mind of late.

You know it has been a long time.

Can’t you ever leave that silly concept out of this?

And leave out a few of the colors?

You Know that’s not what I meant.

Whether you go by foot, horseback, water, motor or fly, when you step out it’s still goodbye – You make that choice to not be, since your body is there and not here. Even though the age and times have changed, the reality is not any different. We come and go into and out of existences often overlooking the one we should consider deepest.

If you want to stay quiet, you stay quiet – I have things to say though. Now go ahead and let the tea brew how we both like it; Seeped long; If it happens to still be hot when we get to it, we’ll dig the sting.

The Best Feelings In The World – 01

I’ve felt so much how could I possibly choose the best?
There probably is not just one, but please do on.

When you go a long time on the path of creation churning out work after work, the past becomes lost to you, especially for things that you created in the moment, in the waters. Going back a time later and pouring over all you’ve done, old notebooks, words, curves, melodies, is one of the best feelings.

What are the other best feelings?
I’ll tell you as we go along.
I’m curious!
And I’m just getting warmed up.

Is there ever enough?

Everything Took Place In The Lobby

I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby

Faces dripping wet, sweat crossing the bridge that comes and goes; Nose to nose
Hush I think I hear something -Yes, we’re spilling;
Our desires running wild and long,
given space to chase all the winds they so please!
Give to that ephemeral realm that comes to go;
No matter how tight a grip, it slips,
And we slide into a bliss that so many have written
years of their lives to know – All our senses are so tied up!
It feels this good, how could it not have a taste!
The mind is so turned, it scrambles to uncross the nerves;
Releasing every enzyme it has in order to try and break it down!
It does, it does! It isn’t something you can put in your mouth – It’s the reach, the constant empty grasp for air in your fist when you see, and seek the beauty – It is that effort, that desire, that chase, wetting your tongue

Hey, come to, you’re missing the spectacle, a light show like no other!
See you in your white dress as you descend the grand staircase;
Your hand intimate with the railing,
even though you walk with an aura that assures all onlookers that you could never fall.
God damn I wasn’t expecting to be this calm,
but you could soothe the torrents out of the storm;
You could draw the chaos and release it as focus
The concentric glass to a sun beam of a life!

She looked at me and smiled, “What do you mean?” I sat quiet for what could have been labeled as eternity if I had had more than a minute. I turned to her and gave her those ‘are you really going to make me say it’ eyes. She angled her head a bit to the side and shot me one of those flirtatious eyebrow raises. So I gave it to her straight on the counter, no hesitations, no vagueness. I was attempting to speak to how the white intensifies your brightness, but of course that goes without saying, you already know me, you know this, you are the goddess – She didn’t need me to say it

Your saliva is so sweet I could have sworn I was tasting watermelon, maracuya, fresas, and peaches; Yes, your tongue is the ripest.

I’m Not a Love Poet, but Damn I’ll Worship a Goddess

She paints the world a beautiful hue:
Reds, yellows, black, and blues.
How can I ask for more of one
Who already gives the day more than the sun.

From whom’s light, like marble, she does carve
The winds, and rains which do fill
My lungs with breath, and wets my tongue
With desire to explore all the life she gifts
Forth from the dive into her depths,
The folds and crevices of her lovely landscapes.

I can see it with my eyes closed, and hear it in the silence;
Her beauty turns my thoughts, my heart beats wild like a fire,
and somehow her voice soothes these weary hands,
Inspiring my soul within, spark of a creator, to build.

Take me down, all the way down tonight

Quotes for Quenching – 23

“Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man. It happens to nearly everyone. You can feel it growing or preparing like a fuse burning toward dynamite[…]Then a man pours outward, a torrent of him, and yet he is not diminished. And I guess a man’s importance in the world can be measured by the quality and number of his glories. It is a lonely thing but it relates us to the world. It is the mother of all creativeness, and it sets each man separate from all other men.” – John Steinbeck

There were those who asked for my days, some found lost in my face, others demanded my word, but none took my demons besides you. Perhaps this is to say I’ve been sifting through all pouring forth from me like the great Yangtze River delta. It must be that I have within – a vast reserve – as I have yet to be eroded. Will you come to view the canyon it creates?

If at anytime I’ve begun to say too much feel free to use kisses to shut me up, I will appreciate it as you keep me from trailing off.

I don’t worry of such an event. I just keep churning, yesterday which was today, and tomorrow that shall join in, will all run unrestrained into my ocean of experience and become my history. Touch me; Taste me; That is my proof; I have yet to run dry – I’ve run up on shore, but I’ve always found myself afloat not too long after. It was always orchestrated anyways. I don’t do anything without knowing the cost to my character. I’m the fucking captain on this vessel, I’m the king, Yes, I put the crown on – but I don’t look down; Still I’m the king, anything that goes wrong comes out of my pocket. I’m responsible.

Don’t you know? Don’t you know? No one should have to tell you.


This is not home. No matter how much I’d like it to be. My only home is me. I’ll have beds that are comfortable, people I’ll love to lay with, but home will never be any of those. It will only ever be me. And it’s hard saying that seeing the way we’re all so perfect in this moment. Everyone has a good laugh now and again, but I’m always having a good one – I don’t want to laugh about this. If only we all could be comfortable in our own skin for long enough – No it’s not enough to fit in the skin, the labyrinth is where it all begins. I could tell you from the beginning I knew we’d have a hard time settling in.

Absence, Absinthe, and Magic

Come on, you’ve been away, and you’ve forgotten how we play

Well surely this extended time from presence has cast shadows upon my memory. Time has begun to bury us in the corridors of your repository. The upside to this is that the further it gets buried, the deeper I become sheltered in a beautiful place. A buried story is never gone, just taking its time to return to us. Perhaps a scent, carried by a cool lift of air, might creep in through an open window and blow the dust off some stale covers – Perhaps you’ll sneeze and knock over an old stack to uncover this treasure map; Perhaps you’ll tip your candles and lose it all in the fire. Whatever the case, whatever the happening, I know absence will make sure my senses quake come the day. Exploding with what serves you that soul flavor, the kind you need just a little more so you can savor, the kind that gets you swinging with some odd behavior to anyone that’s looking without the right cipher.

Empty your cup. Yes pour it all out now – How can you see what’s at the bottom, clearly, if you keep any of the past stagnant within.

You ever get to the last straw? You know the place at the end of your worldly perception; The zone where all your senses begin to mix like paint dipped water – What really is this place? It’s you, your soul, drunk, love, the breakdown of it all, the place where you really have fun – Where you start to really grip what it is you’ve been tasting, seeing, smelling, hearing, touching! Deep you reach for what the tides of the drink hold in the sand bar grooves of your essence, endless, you’re finding new ways to dance and sing! Yes, here you are, you will-o’-the-wisp; Doesn’t the wormwood give such a fair tint to life? We know none of this is fair – But we are spot on with the way we celebrate in this body of lies.

The sound of fluid running across your celadon – I laugh when they try to tell me that your words don’t exist,

She is quiet, but when you draw her out, she is an echo of familiarity reverberating against the bells. So I play the ancient winds rolling across cultivated fields, giving rise to cultured tunes; What is that sound? It’s us. Hear your vase has the perfect acoustics. In all we speak, life is born, linguistically shaped, giving matter form. It is no mistake that you feel colors, taste numbers, and see spells. This is us brought to water – And I believe if I drink enough of you, I’ll have all the spirit I could need, as long as you want to drink me too – Now birth your thaumaturgic song!

Drinking on the low spirits ain’t no good I tell you.
High energy fluid is what you’re looking to get into.

Quotes for Quenching – 21

Art is long, life is short.—Goethe

Spend a lot of time on the floor of the ocean,
looking for pearls so that I can throw them back in – Did you read that one?

If it can’t be read, then it can’t be wrong.
But how well does that get the message along?
I’m sad, and life believes me.
I’m hungry, and art feeds me.
I’ve taken my time and one glimpse should be convincing.
You start listening to yourself, and you feel invincible.
If the vibes grow distant, maybe you should change position.

Hard to hear on the bottom of the ocean,
At least it’s calm unlike most of the surface.
How much did you swallow before you realized the objective;
To open your eyes and not your mouth
Isn’t that a funny twist on life?
To survive, always be looking out;
To live, look in the place where the eyes don’t step

And to them both, I intend to draw them out to the perfect moment,