Everything Took Place In The Lobby

I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby

Faces dripping wet, sweat crossing the bridge that comes and goes; Nose to nose
Hush I think I hear something -Yes, we’re spilling;
Our desires running wild and long,
given space to chase all the winds they so please!
Give to that ephemeral realm that comes to go;
No matter how tight a grip, it slips,
And we slide into a bliss that so many have written
years of their lives to know – All our senses are so tied up!
It feels this good, how could it not have a taste!
The mind is so turned, it scrambles to uncross the nerves;
Releasing every enzyme it has in order to try and break it down!
It does, it does! It isn’t something you can put in your mouth – It’s the reach, the constant empty grasp for air in your fist when you see, and seek the beauty – It is that effort, that desire, that chase, wetting your tongue

Hey, come to, you’re missing the spectacle, a light show like no other!
See you in your white dress as you descend the grand staircase;
Your hand intimate with the railing,
even though you walk with an aura that assures all onlookers that you could never fall.
God damn I wasn’t expecting to be this calm,
but you could soothe the torrents out of the storm;
You could draw the chaos and release it as focus
The concentric glass to a sun beam of a life!

She looked at me and smiled, “What do you mean?” I sat quiet for what could have been labeled as eternity if I had had more than a minute. I turned to her and gave her those ‘are you really going to make me say it’ eyes. She angled her head a bit to the side and shot me one of those flirtatious eyebrow raises. So I gave it to her straight on the counter, no hesitations, no vagueness. I was attempting to speak to how the white intensifies your brightness, but of course that goes without saying, you already know me, you know this, you are the goddess – She didn’t need me to say it

Your saliva is so sweet I could have sworn I was tasting watermelon, maracuya, fresas, and peaches; Yes, your tongue is the ripest.


2 thoughts on “Everything Took Place In The Lobby

  1. itsvishakha says:

    The end is epic!! Way too much to carry those thoughts

    Liked by 1 person

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