No One Loves Your Poems

Doesn’t that strike you like someone who knows all your trigger points? We read em’ sure. We read every last word start to end again, and again. Alright I’m not telling it straight.

The truth is no loves your poems the same way that they love
the way your poems get them feeling.
Yes, they love the way you write it out of them,
how it drags them under the current,
and holds their consciousness for ransom!

How could they love your poems as much; When that feeling they get comes shooting from their viscerals roaring like a migration of butterflies, and birds, and bees bursting from the back of their throat – They’ve just got to fly

There is no time to stop and love your poems the way they must go out and catch every last winged creature that spewed forth into the wide opened mouth of the sky

No one loves your poems like that; But does it matter if it made their blood pump a little quicker the next few times around the circuit?
Does it matter if it leaves the hairs on their arms standing tall, while the scent of it all lingers in their soul like the smell of a long night on the bed sheets?

Quotes for Quenching – 29

“When to say what’s on your mind can haunt your soul till the end if you wait too long”

You’ve always got deep things to say, and words to speak, but feeling out the right time to let them loose is not easy.
You can’t plan the right time, you can only become aware that it is now, and that’s usually when the trigger must be pulled.

Come on, get up to it! Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts – You’ve been waiting for this conversation for years it seems; Who knows when or if it will ever come around again.

And don’t just go saying everything that comes into your head. Breathe in and out with a steady flow. You can speak in a calm manner if you’re patient with yourself. Don’t let the train leave without you either. That would be an unfortunate regret.

So You Want To Be a Writer

You do don’t you? Well tell me now, what’s your spirit – And do you like it forward?

You want to let loose all the parts of your soul; Letting them wander into the lives of those who will hold them for a long time – Whispering their secrets over dark nights; Without you, far off with other lovers.

You want to see the sun and think rain; Think the times you shared the dance with that other who had you racing and splashing though the puddles!

You want the only time your mind is clear to be the moment when she puts down her drink and looks up to you with a brief smile – From across the bar or from the other side of the window you smile, and that is it.

You want your body to be walking down the road, but your mind to be back inside staying warm out of the cold.

You’ve been inside and warm before – And then you find yourself wondering about outside,
You’re just relative to the waters, always looking for more or less
What you’ve got has never been enough to close your eyes and rest
Are you enough? Is this enough?
If you want to be a writer, then for now it can’t be, not yet.
You have to be outside, and find yourself inside!
It’s exhausting, but you have to be exhausted.
You have to strike the right balance of caring and not giving a dam!
And when you’re mad you have to write it all out, and when it’s too ugly delete it…
only to recover it and bury it away for reflection at a later date

The smile will be your story, the entire narrative will come out of that smile.

When I’ve Gone, I Must Bring Myself Back

Pull me up from the slump, after I take a dip in the dark
Pulling on your hair, you telling me how much you need me.
Dear goddess the time I lost down there was worth going blind
so that I could see you new again tonight;
Ain’t that just the circle of life, ride it up and down,
when you hit the right wave crash into me,
and soak my memories – I need a drink please

There it is, I caught a glimpse!
The way you lock eyes with me,
It’s everything I must confess!
The intimacy of that deep gaze
Has me runnin’ through maze
And I can smell you, all over it
You’re in these star jasmines
Your geometry is the heavens
I might need to sit down a bit
Now you’re sittin’ down with me
And we’e exchanging swords
We’e exchanging strong words
Our minds slip with tongues
Speak stern when entering here
Soft spoken chest to breasts
High up with this, angels’ wings
There it is! There is the wind
My senses beseech me to stay
But this is not it, not the way,
My feet move, and my body too
One kiss & mind must go too!

I am only staying true to me, and in turn I lay true beside you

Morning Mood – Hunger

Don’t be shy, this is what you’re here for right?

Morning mood let me be soft for you, morning moves you could take it off, but I’d rather do it for you – Awoke hungry for you. Wake you up with bites along your neck. I’m looking to devour it. Little bits of saliva left on your chest – Kisses across to both your shoulders; Slow for now as we warm up the motors. Run my tongue along your lip, go for a taste and pull back as you breathe in,  drag my smile to your ear, whisper how I had you in my dreams and now I want it this morning in reality.

The beat, the beat – I’m not here to sleep – Woke up at birth and have forever been searching; I’ve been looking for the right permutation. One I could sit back, and soak up in awe of its simple kind of amazing.


These are my morning moods; Let them touch you.
My thoughts of everything, how it all gets my mind filling with color!

You like colors don’t you?
Who are you trying to josh,
You love rolling in these vivids

Flowers & Ecstasy

I want flowers.
I want them so vivid they look painted
Dark and light, heavy on the colors,
Put em through a gentle wash and dry; Out they come like fresh potpourri
The stuff a shaman might pull out of his bag of mystery.
The kind of beautiful that works as medicine,
a couple doses and we’re young again – Is that youthfulness attainable?
Let’s lay out under the stars and then describe it to each other with strokes on canvas
Can we lay down and I paint you a masterpiece?

Flowers and Ecstasy; You scream!
That magic will be the death of me,
And I can’t quite get into necromancy
Although I am into reinvigoration – Restore your body with some heavy breathing

lay down, lay down, breathe