Flowers & Ecstasy

I want flowers.
I want them so vivid they look painted
Dark and light, heavy on the colors,
Put em through a gentle wash and dry; Out they come like fresh potpourri
The stuff a shaman might pull out of his bag of mystery.
The kind of beautiful that works as medicine,
a couple doses and we’re young again – Is that youthfulness attainable?
Let’s lay out under the stars and then describe it to each other with strokes on canvas
Can we lay down and I paint you a masterpiece?

Flowers and Ecstasy; You scream!
That magic will be the death of me,
And I can’t quite get into necromancy
Although I am into reinvigoration – Restore your body with some heavy breathing

lay down, lay down, breathe

4 thoughts on “Flowers & Ecstasy

  1. Sublime, for no other word comes to mind!

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  2. itsvishakha says:

    It’s pleasure to read what you write !!


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