So You Want To Be a Writer

You do don’t you? Well tell me now, what’s your spirit – And do you like it forward?

You want to let loose all the parts of your soul; Letting them wander into the lives of those who will hold them for a long time – Whispering their secrets over dark nights; Without you, far off with other lovers.

You want to see the sun and think rain; Think the times you shared the dance with that other who had you racing and splashing though the puddles!

You want the only time your mind is clear to be the moment when she puts down her drink and looks up to you with a brief smile – From across the bar or from the other side of the window you smile, and that is it.

You want your body to be walking down the road, but your mind to be back inside staying warm out of the cold.

You’ve been inside and warm before – And then you find yourself wondering about outside,
You’re just relative to the waters, always looking for more or less
What you’ve got has never been enough to close your eyes and rest
Are you enough? Is this enough?
If you want to be a writer, then for now it can’t be, not yet.
You have to be outside, and find yourself inside!
It’s exhausting, but you have to be exhausted.
You have to strike the right balance of caring and not giving a dam!
And when you’re mad you have to write it all out, and when it’s too ugly delete it…
only to recover it and bury it away for reflection at a later date

The smile will be your story, the entire narrative will come out of that smile.

One thought on “So You Want To Be a Writer

  1. itsvishakha says:

    The smile of your writes reflects in the write up

    Liked by 1 person

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