Nosce Te Ipsum

Do You? When your picking up your poison, do you feel the tinge in your nerves before you drink it down? Do you catch yourself and reason that it will be just fine? I bet you do.

Beautiful and broken pieces shattered glass all along the beach & I be drinking, I be mixing, and it’s not even the weekend

I knew this would come, I knew this would happen. It’s an age old rinse and repeat cycle with stains that never come out. I have been waiting for it. I’ve learned by now what to do, but still haven’t brought myself out to do it. You always want to believe you can prove yourself wrong in these matters – But you know that’s impossible with the intuition you’ve raised.

Write and do things that hurt, move to where you need to go rather than sitting around waiting to become numb to the shit, everything counts, even the small stuff.

I don’t know myself when I’m happy. So I haven’t written. I don’t mean to say that everything that came before was sad or even rooted in it, not at all. It scares me – because I’ve learned so far that I’ve gone and ruined all the happiness that has come before. I know I only brought the inevitable to the surface – Time running its own course would have done this regardless. So I guess I took fate and spun my own jacket. Wore it out and got the fit I was interested in. I’m alright with that. I like wearing and tear. The way you feel after digging a few trenches – Like an ice cold dip in the water is the only kind of refreshing that will get you good. Yeah you’ve got to be good before you can get great, so I go that way and then when I stand up like a wolf from the tundra, hungry and with focused intent, I seek the type of warmth that can only come from filling the belly. A deep warmth the sun can only begin to raise with its rays – A feast that fills you for days

That’s the thing about life, you can be right in it, right there, spending all the time you have with a person, and unless they speak it, unless they give voice to what is on their mind, you’ll never know what they are thinking. You can have ideas, but those ideas are only your own, feelings your own. You can’t know what they are thinking, but that’s the difficulty life throws at us – It’s hard because by default we only get to live one life first hand – All the other perspectives are postulated, hypotheses, drama we mix up in our skulls in hopes that we might have found someone else thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad, to spend together that oh so precious currency we all have come into by being here.

Know you, you’ve got so much you know you want to
I know you wanna,
I know you want to yeah,
You know I wanna,
You know
You know
You go up higher than me some days

The Architect & What’s Missing

It is hard to accept that we’re all looking for something that lies within us. To be completely patient with self, and in no rush with you – Together, someday, we will arrive.

“This conversation is missing your voice”

I am trying to keep myself out of harm, I just have a little untamed wild in me. It’s all open, and windows placed so that the light shines through at those hours of the years. Of the year. They inhale and exhale for a moment in the year. Sure enough they do arrive, they arrive, and if you haven’t read William Blake – Well you might see them go at the rate a book fallen from the shelf hits the ground –  I’ve seen at the pace of paint drying, the crawl of the tide back to the mouth of it’s mother, steady as Earth’s axial precession. I wouldn’t say stalled; But I’ve fallen to sleep and awoke with plenty still to admire. Rarely is there an evening that goes by where we have it too quiet.

I bet you are as smooth as this bourbon and bite just like the vinegar – Sink em in – On the tip of your tongue I want to swim, behind your teeth, I’ll know just the direction you’ve chosen – Towards open waters

One who thought he could swim the harsh seas without drowning,
Have you drank enough off the ocean floor yet?

Some people might try to build a home in ruins. They like the tall open ceilings, and the big windows that let in all the light, the tiny alcoves for reading their books, the craftsmanship and all its’ inspiration. It’s intuition; Engaged and in motion, they can live, they can explore with no sight at all! Those who trust their eyes closed will always see more.

Tired, but I keep going. This is all I know to do, I have reasons to believe in you – I’ll be right at home for you

This was never about four walls


Ruins, Vines & Vegetation

And months, maybe years from now you will come back here. It will be familiar, but new things will have begun to show their growth around the old; Much like the things we water soon overtaking what we no longer tend for. You’ll either smile or have a stale sadness come about you – Both are possible, both are fine. It won’t be something you have to deal with forever. You can leave these things; You are vast as the world, and there are places to go find, people to explore, experiences still to feel on your tongue.

Eventually ruins still standing are come upon by others who peer in awe. They see something, curious, a window into possibility, and to them it is magnificent. To them they see  beauty, fragments of art that once grew out from great spirit, which has since moved beyond. And they express their desire to build great things as all this! They talk of leaving behind monuments so that others can one day find them & know that they too lived.

Time, and our relationship to it, is a curiosity. It stops for a while and slows down. Rests its’ hands for a bit, its’ feet; Takes some space, and lets its’ shoulders drop; Before too long it’s at it again, as it usually does. It has no desire to stop or go back, only forward – Very strong willed. Much like time, if you’ve still got breath in you, if you’ve still got moving parts that have places they want to go towards, then you can reignite your passion. You can get up on your feet and begin to dance your dance once more.

I often don’t know what to say, because the things piled in my mouth do not yet have a place. There is no ear I can release them to, and no bed I can put them up in. They are without shelter outside of Pan’s labyrinth, which can often be a dangerous place; No worries of dangers though, I am beyond their threats.

Like ruins I’ll still be here until I’m not – You know how it goes.

Quotes for Quenching – I Want To Write Into Your Skin With My Touch

“…I can’t ever imagine the world without us. I feel that we two together mean something that’s got to be there just as naturally as trees or birds or clouds.” – Katherine Mansfield, from Something Childish & Other Stories

Surely you do know this, what I will say to you. As natural as the trees stand tall and go deep, they eventually fall to be swallowed in entirety by the ground they penetrated and held to.

As far as the birds fly, and as high as they soar, all return to earth; And they too seek a comforting blanket of it in their end – Which is gently observed

Your clouds! Oh how I love to lay down upon them with you, but one only needs to look at a clear sky to know that it can’t be forever – So we rise with the cast of sun rays, which splash across our face, to feed our hunger for other things.

On the note of sunlight, well it’s breathtaking,  [Breaking]
The way Hyperion has fashioned it to you
And as night arrives, You could take it off,
but I’d rather do it for you; Shed the light
Dark as Nyx would have you!
But goddess will have to wait
because in this moment we drink

And now I’m drunk – It’s a wild run!
Though night, I hold to my instinct,
And motion upon motion is forward
This is a raw route, no holds barred
Nobody quits what they really dig;
And as the time floats, summon sun!