Ruins, Vines & Vegetation

And months, maybe years from now you will come back here. It will be familiar, but new things will have begun to show their growth around the old; Much like the things we water soon overtaking what we no longer tend for. You’ll either smile or have a stale sadness come about you – Both are possible, both are fine. It won’t be something you have to deal with forever. You can leave these things; You are vast as the world, and there are places to go find, people to explore, experiences still to feel on your tongue.

Eventually ruins still standing are come upon by others who peer in awe. They see something, curious, a window into possibility, and to them it is magnificent. To them they see  beauty, fragments of art that once grew out from great spirit, which has since moved beyond. And they express their desire to build great things as all this! They talk of leaving behind monuments so that others can one day find them & know that they too lived.

Time, and our relationship to it, is a curiosity. It stops for a while and slows down. Rests its’ hands for a bit, its’ feet; Takes some space, and lets its’ shoulders drop; Before too long it’s at it again, as it usually does. It has no desire to stop or go back, only forward – Very strong willed. Much like time, if you’ve still got breath in you, if you’ve still got moving parts that have places they want to go towards, then you can reignite your passion. You can get up on your feet and begin to dance your dance once more.

I often don’t know what to say, because the things piled in my mouth do not yet have a place. There is no ear I can release them to, and no bed I can put them up in. They are without shelter outside of Pan’s labyrinth, which can often be a dangerous place; No worries of dangers though, I am beyond their threats.

Like ruins I’ll still be here until I’m not – You know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “Ruins, Vines & Vegetation

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  2. itsvishakha says:

    How come you are so powerful always!?

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