Forget The King

I mean really, I’ve known things better than crowns & having your food prepared for you -We could use our hands – Touch things they say are forbidden and laugh, You like to laugh don’t you? The one who raises your spirits with empty glasses is the real babe born in the purple – Humor is royalty – Walks through the courtyard sure are nice, but these legs, well we could run; Yes I’ve seen the way your eyes get glossy while you watch the cat dash and jump for fun out in the fields – We’ve got all these tastes we could really enjoy with our tongues, let’s stir up the ground and dig up some turnips; When we’ve had our fill we’ll prank the executioner at the gallows and tell him he’s got the wrong idea; He’ll hang your tired gown instead, and we’ll make our way to the woods where the real treasure has always been

I must warn you that the market is not open to the words and happenings of the woods. The magic I’ve taught you can’t be brought to the royal court, nor should it be used to force opinions. If one is not sensing, wide to what you taste; To what I’ve yelled in the heart of the forest and is now only a whisper at its’ edge – Then you must keep secret the wild in your head.

Will I be able to count on your mana’o?
You say I don’t have to even ask,
But honestly in times like these I do.

In times like these I do long for the wild to speak to me like it used to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get close enough to hear it clear as the morning lark, the mountain stream, or Wind song!

The dark things here, like to hear sweet whispers too.

12 thoughts on “Forget The King

  1. bowmanauthor says:

    Unique, to be sure

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  2. woundstoseal says:

    I really enjoy that free form poetry, do you even edit much at all? Or does it just spill out?

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  3. Your verse is infused with images and an almost tangible atmosphere. I do have one question, though. The word “manao.” Is it meant to mean ideals/desires or participation?

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    • Mana’o has many meanings: Thought, idea, belief, opinion, theory, thesis, intention, meaning, suggestion, mind, desire, spirit. In this case it is meant to mean almost all of them 🙂

      I wanted to be open to possibility, so that the reader could step into the atmosphere and feel the pull of their own imagination.

      Always interesting to see what the timbers veil

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  4. Vice says:

    Possibly my favorite piece of yours, sick

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  5. Vice says:

    I too yell things in the heart of the forest

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