Nature Feels

We live in nature now;
Talking in chirping birds,
Smiling in sunshine,
She asked in curious raccoon,
I answered in humming bird
She laughed in firefly,
We shared in otter,
Kissed in playful dolphin,
and hugged in wolf den cuddles.
She soothed like rain
and we lived in storm,
Love in moonlight.
Painful in rose thorn.
She was busy bee,
and I was foolish man.
She arrived in lion’s roaring thunder,
My chest swelled similar with autumn leaves
and left in cold dark winter whispering wind.
Gone in lightning,
Pulchritudinous and bright,
to chase something in fleeting river
Is to try and live in time

One thought on “Nature Feels

  1. Vice says:

    Love this one

    Liked by 1 person

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