You Have Urges; Hear Your Nature Out

I put my arms down,
and that’s when I lost the fight.
I as a warrior, thought there was no need to go to battle,
And my will for such endeavors had faded.
My arms at my side, no blood flowed.
No blood recalled the waft of early morning air across the open fields,
Just as sunlight struck its’ first blow to the night;
The first and only that would prove to maim for a time.
I had given up everything my childish curiosity had howled for!
Isn’t it ugly how quickly we forget?
Swept up at the rivers edge,
Desire that eternal fight, a reach for things we may never have;
A guide to things we never knew.

I looked down at how far I had climbed, and with resignation began to prepare for the descent. This rise had been everything, I had hedged it all upon staking the summit. Once more I reluctantly laughed to myself, the foolishness. Why I play riddles with my wisdom I can’t say, but after some brief attempts to delude myself, I’ve closed my eyes, and pivoted 180 degrees. Right back down the face of the cliff I worked so strenuously to scale, one step at a time back into the ravine I had first made preparations from. The great vision I sought was far off, but at least I now knew that I would be going along a much more agreeable vector. Perhaps I’d drop back into Hell for a wild time, before I’d go for anymore of the solitude I’d be sure to find. Yes, I think of one I’d like to call for a meeting at the gates! Stand before me, and call yourself what you will; Your scent, I smell, will tell me with whom I deal. And the moniker which I belt, friend, will seal it.

I put my arms down,
And for once the ceiling didn’t fall with them.
All this time I had been afraid to let go,
Claiming without a shadow of a doubt, I had no fear.

4 thoughts on “You Have Urges; Hear Your Nature Out

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  2. itsvishakha says:

    Reading your posts is like blessing!! I’m speechless 🙂


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