The Way The Whole World Comes Rushing Back When You Rise From Your 8th Death

And it’s like crash, the strike of lightning crackling about you! Do you remember who you are? I thought I was clear that it’s all short; You don’t get much before it’s time to go again, so you better get yourself moving.

Have I just… opened my fucking eyes? Or did I get hit in the head with a 93 million dollar painting; The way I’m seeing right now – The way every, fuck a standard of measurement, of you, glowing, I’ll rejoice to that – I’ll return to that – but do sunflowers happen to be on your mind? Is this night extra embossed, or is the sky a bit deeper; Someone slipped me some mint twigs because my mouth just feels like I could really exhale fresh air; I must have spent a minute in some wilderness; Really every second you’re about to taste is fantastic – I dig the way your eyes are about to ask me to explain how I knew that.

It hasn’t even passed yet, let me hold pause so when you turn around and smile, I’m right here to tell you it’s been a while since… only a moment ago. Yes, only a blink prior, we were in a wheat field with cypresses, and Van Gogh had been ecstatic to catch us in our passion – Unfortunately he was a few minutes too late, and yet we made such an impression on him that he decided the scene should still be bright!

I truly adore that dress on you. Yes, again and again, you do. Nothing beats the way you undress when you want me to kiss you in all the places that get you swimming deep in the pool – Girl you sweeter than a mango, I think you’re the fountain of youth! I am in awe, with all my mathematical acumen; There are no units by which to explain the way the world has tuned your sounds to complete this symphony. Sing now, and maybe we can stay – Lay down and perhaps we’ll write a play. Would you like that? Are you into roles based on the way you walk into a room?

I refuse to be anything but here for our appointment, and no less than coincidentally synchronized upon arrival for the date afterwards.

2 thoughts on “The Way The Whole World Comes Rushing Back When You Rise From Your 8th Death

  1. I really enjoyed that 🙂
    Your writing style is refreshing to most of the stuff I read. Loved the part allaying to inspiring Van Gogh.

    Liked by 1 person

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