The Urge For Magic Is Forever

You can’t put it down and walk away for good;
You know, it’s only being overlooked!
The key is the palm of your hand;
Let my finger tips quietly explore them,
And trace the spells of imagination.
Soon you’ll know the gift you’ve been holding

– Open up! –

The woodland sprites have laughs that are ripe to crack
How much joy would you cast on me?
Don’t you know that you’ve got it like that?

You see everything here is based on systems; And the systems of this place do a great many things for man in his pomp, but each of these systems get things a little bit off, each system is skewed to the side just a little bit. When you add up all those little bits, things start to become quite¬†mad; Don’t they all just howl of madness? With all the things their rank and file provide, they still can’t seem to settle down without barking. Still they insist: stand here, only eat a bite after the person to your left has placed their fork, do not stay up past midnight, and never leave your bed in the night’s hour. Oh I can smell the scrutiny, the fear that something might be found!

Out here you should abandon those systems. You aren’t here to do what you’ve been doing in the square – You’re here to breathe for the sake of it, not to live, but to feel.

The threats of your city are unlike the forest; For I have known many dangers in the wild, but as vicious as they are, they have healed the scars inflicted by high walls, and vile psychosis – It possesses a voracious virility – Even when the fires came and the rain did not fall. Even when this body caved like a secret that came down from the mountains and left your lips. The wild joy of flesh, of bark and bite, of claw and the climax, brought me back to base so I could soar once more. Yes the forest runs deep through the dirt, and through your veins; Yet what can it do for those afraid of blood and sweat?

You don’t get to turn it off – Waking up is the only sentence.

2 thoughts on “The Urge For Magic Is Forever

  1. BroadBlogs says:

    Thoughtful, thought-provoking, and beautifully rendered.

    Liked by 1 person

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