You Can’t Hide From The Current

Magic is something within you.

Something we can build a stronger connection to over the span of a life – or simply allow it to be buried beneath layers of running water, and closed eye. What do I mean by magic? I mean energy; I mean passion; I mean the will to get up and shock yourself with what is ‘possible’; Yes, you have a choice to unleash that energy and channel it to your own liking, to light great vision; Or the right as much as any other to let it fade and die within you.

That choice is very real, and belongs to you alone.

We’ve all seen the days where that magic has faded within us. We know what it’s like to be stuck on the low, to feel like it’s all sinking without hope. You’ve got to remember how to listen, to feel that energy. Get up. Stop pretending it’s not there!

Let me reconstitute you,  pull you from the current and throw you back into the flow – You were gasping for a jolt and now off with it, you’re raring to go – But you have yet to study the structure! Despite the lack of rigidity, there are still parts to every body of wetness. And to know them you must be dynamic: Forgo static urge – Too idle

When you get to thinking on it, you’ll come to the difference; And as you go you’ll discover the similarities.


One thought on “You Can’t Hide From The Current

  1. Mr Modigliani says:

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    I feel so much in common with this fellow writer and artist.

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