Unrefined and Jagged, Rough and Magical

I was born with a memory for emotional content like the rich crust of the Earth; Get to digging and you may find every last thing done by human hands, and more – Let me remember that taste, into the basin, I will dip my face; You got such a pretty way, And I’m not talking about superficial flesh the people passing by might catch – I know that electric smooth can captivate a gaze, but I mean beneath it, all the discreet ticks it takes quiet to hone in on. I observe like water kissing every crevice on the way to the bottom of an ice filled glass.

What’s that going on? I hear you stirring in your sweat!
I’m sorry in our moments of weakness that we are not everything.

A little dryer than I recall – Reconstitution is in order – Taste of the sacred water, drink till you’re busting open! I want to grab you by your hair with all the care in the world, and see in your eyes that you’re ready. That’s quite the imagery, I wrote it to be; I wrote it to fill some cravings – I want you to take a bite. This isn’t an apple, but I’m still a fucking delight.

Now key the music, because you know me, I’ll find beauty in anything – Unrefined and jagged, rough and magical.


3 thoughts on “Unrefined and Jagged, Rough and Magical

  1. bowmanauthor says:

    Creativity as its best!

    Liked by 1 person

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