I Lost My Mind Trying To Be On Yours

And that was my mistake among many. I went and lost something in a time I couldn’t afford to be without. It crossed over the fissures with certainty that it could always leisurely stroll back the way it had found.

I’m a risk taker. And the things I saw were in no way worth what I lost. And I don’t think you should be damned to burn just because you misplaced something for a time

I make a special case for those who’ve lost a soul in their lessons, the pull of curiosity was far too much to declare them demons; Hardly are they worse than children who had to take a drink. How can one be blamed for a thirst they could not slake? Like Dumbledore, they had no choice but to lap to the last sip. And I know they will spend long enough looking to reconcile the fall with what they were able to come away with; In some measure of time they may even reunite, at least in part, with what was severed. It is only a matter of collecting the kindling and kindly applying the process before a spark will start back up the fire needed to reignite the blaze.

As for those who’ve lost the mind, well it’s a different case, with varying degrees. If you’re comprehending still, then you haven’t lost it too bad; And with some quiet labors one should be able to regain a stable flow – You shouldn’t question why you did what you did at each turn, since it will only get you stuck in a loop of doubts. That is a very long, and potentially endless route back to what you’re looking for. If you resolve to go with that method I will say goodbye to you here; I won’t be waiting for your return nor will these words.

If you accept that you know your mind, and do not doubt its reasons, regardless of poor placements, then I advise you take up work; Use your hands. In them you hold the key to a vehicle that will take you to your conclusions. In them you have found what you are looking for, no matter what they hold.

It’s always a peculiar thing to lose

In the palm of yours I followed long lines through mystical domains of drought and plenty; In the valleys of your back I found only the most gorgeous river banks and beds. I would tell more, but that is not for here – It was a grand adventure, and I can’t say that like it, I’ve had too many.

In my own palm I skipped the line and broke all the rules. Although it was a crime punishable by death I gave myself a stay of execution; When I get around to it I’ll draft the pardon, but for now I’ll harvest these blue moons and gentle tunes

5 thoughts on “I Lost My Mind Trying To Be On Yours

  1. bowmanauthor says:

    Beautifully written and spot-on metaphors. Well done!

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  2. Arohii says:

    Love the title. 🙂


  3. e says:



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