Did You Know You Could Regrow Lettuce

All you need is some water and a bit of effort.
It’s not too much to ask. And I will ask.
And when I do you’ll take a look.

You do so much to be good. It makes me afraid of what you’ve done;
what you’ve done that you feel you must wash yourself clean of
What you think you’ve done or lost, has a lot more power than it should

Looking at the remaining fraction most see an end. Some might see a base or foundation. With the right guidance, we can see a beginning. I had to be reminded of this too. Perspectives are all happening. And you choose to see just one, or look for the rest.

Draw closer now, and tell me what you see. Do you see a felled warrior? Perhaps the warrior is down; down on the knees gripping to get back on up. Just because the top has been cut, doesn’t mean the roots are done giving. The roots never stop giving. They try until the elements say it’s time to return home.

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