What does it mean?

Who is anyone to tell you this. Any can only say what it means for them. If it moves you enough, to some sense of reason or heart in you, then you will find the gravity to what is presented – It will lay upon you, in layers of sheets, or weight dead, and you will be comfortable with this. If you can’t stand the idea of it sinking into you deeply, then whatever it means, is not meant for you. At least not at the time. But if that bothers you, then perhaps it is meant for you now. The discomfort is truth discerning as it should.

Slowly we will come into the water, and we shall retire from this beach.
I say it’s all been a vacation, but there was work involved – Still reality must star again, take the stage from under us, as the act ends.

This flower has called the wings in, and they come and collect all the sweet things. It’d be so boring without decay. If kings never died, none of us would ever get on. And I couldn’t imagine getting off anywhere that train stops. Could you imagine? A deep breath, and I’m not waiting for the answer. With this one, we may melt the crown down. Turn it into a couple of forks, to give some fucking utility to the old chap.It would be a shame to be so golden, and never have done a thing to earn it.

Are your feet used to the cool yet? You’ve been babying the swim for a minute now. I said slowly, but are you that sloth, are you that demure? I’ve seen you leap off cliffs, water way below, but with your face only a foot length off the temperature frightens.

Strode the entire life of it backed off the throttle, hardly could any have enjoyed what came after ignition. But a king doesn’t have the same vision as the prince, or even the conqueror.You see the prince has dreams, and if he is any worthy salt, he will live for them. He will not cower once he gets his first taste of satisfaction. The same can’t be said of the throne. No king lived without fears of loss. Something to lose in the mind, and it cripples.

It’s the ones who lose and bounce back that are conquerors. They stand with a mouth full of blood and look to take their next. Whether it is a swing, a step or a bite! They will continue to move forward until their life comes to a halt. And when it is wrested from their steeled hands, they will return every last of it to the dirt.

A conqueror knows it is what they build that matters,
the path which they carve, not what they have or lose.