What Should Be Salvaged Of This Wreck

Feeling like a computer attempting to execute the commands, but something in the logic is stickingxxch

The question is not whether the ship can be saved, there is no confusion around this truth.
What we are here to determine is what of the ship should have an effort made in its case.
Of all the good, and the bad, what will best serve the survived in the years after descent.
Would the lungs make the list if they weren’t intrinsic to the body?

Perhaps only what, by chance, climbs up on the sands nearby.

I think we can agree all of the collections hard earned, are perfect for the rite– A burning. Quick set the flames before any other decision is made. No moment to waste as we take on water, this won’t be complete without black skies and a warm asphyxiation. Now that things are a bit more pressing, take only what you need. Not what you want. Not what you love. Only what you need. If, when you find your way to shore, your hands are empty; you might consider yourself lucky. Washed clean of all the preconceived notions you had carefully crafted loop after loop, you can drink from the bottom shelf and feel no different.

You don’t want any drinks, but you will need one or two– just for the taste; clarity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.

3 thoughts on “What Should Be Salvaged Of This Wreck

  1. A metaphor of the ship. Its sailing only because our bodies and decisions made it being for survival. The ship in my interpretation is earth. We must not let her sink, but likewise, man chooses to repeat history and never learns of its past. If we take care of earth herself then we take care of ourselves.

    Brilliant writing and I hope I interpret this writing correctly. 🙂

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    • I leave a trail above from below. There is this cosmic, grander purpose of earth and the rest, but also room for the individual who likewise carries out the macro through the micro maneuvers.

      As with most of my posts, there are many layers — both within and without. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to enjoy!

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