If I Had More Life

I draw you–in–many don’t go down this road.
There is too much to do,
even with what we have we’re short – we’ll make it work
I see the world writing,
a new story everyday
poetry month, another year –
It’s me, it’s me, it’me,
With brave words I hide many fears,
fear of loss, of pain, of truth,
I am not the words I’ve written
It’s me, words I’ve always been,
how to use them, how I bend,
Yet in all this months time,
I’ve managed not to rend
words from within. I am dead
Never doing what I’m supposed to be doing,
and maybe I won’t do what I should,
but I’ll end up doing what I’ve done,
and that is something.
I’ve got more life!
Have you seen me with a fire?
Have you seen me when I’ve got everything together?
Just the right amount
The right mask,
A taste I can enjoy at my own pace; nothing moves at our own pace
To my own tune – I’m sacred
Off key and I’m still enraptured – a captive audience does not decide what it likes
I’ll enjoy this with ceremony

6 thoughts on “If I Had More Life

  1. A brilliant piece of poetry this is ! Loved it.

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  2. Hello! my friend. It’s been a long while. I am back!

    What a poem and such an incredible, & emotionally write. I love this poem by you.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Everything okay?

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    • Hey there! A little while yes, and it makes your visit all the sweeter – I’ve come to a point in life where everything is a sacrifice; what will be laid to rest is a question forcing itself – time, what time? If you believe in it there’s not enough, and if you don’t your hands are still forced to make decisions based on scarcity.

      But there are still good things – like words arranged, and the hope for tomorrow!

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