Things Are Different In The Morning

When you wake up, it isn’t what it was the night or day before.
Leave me, leave me, leave me – We’ve been nothing but trouble.
Counter views, and frame colliding perspectives, now empathy.

“I feel a sudden clear focus and perspective. There is no time for anything inessential. I must focus on myself, my work and my friends.” – Oliver Sacks

4 thoughts on “Things Are Different In The Morning

  1. ajaykohli says:

    Exactly ,new day ,fresh ideas

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  2. Yes, a new day if you can shake off the baggage you went to bed with. Well-done prose poem.

    Thank you for liking my Leaders poem!

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  3. danroberson says:

    if you continue to keep an open perspective, your muse will give you fresh ideas. You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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