How Do You Know?

How many priceless thoughts have vanished before being given a good echo?

If I shade the lines in dark
You’ll know which ones I’ve done

All of them is pretty blunt.
I’ll find something sharper for us

Sometimes I just want it pitch black
I can still see what we need

A deep breath for the last drop
And if we can’t find more – Sweet dreams

I sunk god into the ground faster than he could dance to electro
That wasn’t fair of me though if you ask the theologians
Fuck opinions only offered when tithes are at stake,
or probably if we put them to the stake – Fire in the library
Where were they when my pages were burning;
Alexandria I am sorry
You said I could sleep – And while I did you were taken from me!
Fair to claim you as my loss- It’s not – Fair that he was the one in charge
Angels where were you, was it not to you to test your edge?
How was it when you were watching from your beds?
I should have known you lacked the mettle,
soft as clouds you walk upon,
I hope your feet arrest you when they must walk this ground

Do you want another soliloquy,
Voices in my head or words to myself,
With love I do retire to the shelf
All of those who have outlived this planet’s health
So here take your place, please step from the stage,
It’d be an ugly shame to have to hook you ourselves

Have you ever driven a hook through a writhing worm?
I tell you, you don’t do it if you don’t have the guts.
Because if you play with it, the idea of doing so – Well you tend to deliver a lot more trauma than the hook that goes in with certainty.

Sweet nature’s bend, if I had a home as big I’d take you in;
Away from all these corroded wills, empty inside, no thrills to spill

Quotes for Quenching – I Want To Write Into Your Skin With My Touch

“…I can’t ever imagine the world without us. I feel that we two together mean something that’s got to be there just as naturally as trees or birds or clouds.” – Katherine Mansfield, from Something Childish & Other Stories

Surely you do know this, what I will say to you. As natural as the trees stand tall and go deep, they eventually fall to be swallowed in entirety by the ground they penetrated and held to.

As far as the birds fly, and as high as they soar, all return to earth; And they too seek a comforting blanket of it in their end – Which is gently observed

Your clouds! Oh how I love to lay down upon them with you, but one only needs to look at a clear sky to know that it can’t be forever – So we rise with the cast of sun rays, which splash across our face, to feed our hunger for other things.

On the note of sunlight, well it’s breathtaking,  [Breaking]
The way Hyperion has fashioned it to you
And as night arrives, You could take it off,
but I’d rather do it for you; Shed the light
Dark as Nyx would have you!
But goddess will have to wait
because in this moment we drink

And now I’m drunk – It’s a wild run!
Though night, I hold to my instinct,
And motion upon motion is forward
This is a raw route, no holds barred
Nobody quits what they really dig;
And as the time floats, summon sun!

The Arts To The Last Drop

Look at this! The blood is pouring out. I’m red all over – Red all over.

All this beautiful red, don’t clean it up! Dam I’ll use it still, I will

I’ll smear it here, and if I can still stand I’ll get it all over your counter.

Wouldn’t you like that? This has to be, can’t stop till I’m empty.

I’ve got this drive I can’t wind down, so I quiet it by getting out of town

Yes here, this is how I’ll go, death to an artist hungry no more.

I’ve ate my fair share of you, of the earth, and all its miraculous hues

I never rest, my heart was built for this – that’s why it seethes

You hear me quiet but inside I’m writing you a scene no one’s seen before

What is this?

I’m gasping and it’s not a kiss

I can’t fill my lungs, catch up, catch up,

I’ve made it to the counter. I’ve covered you in red flowers

And now I see what’s going on, the world is bloody exhausted of my fire

I’ll lay down!

I’m already on the cold ground.

I think my fire has backdrafted as I inhale

All this red and I astonish as I think perhaps I have fallen ill

A mind turns to fill, I am art, this is nowhere near rational

There Was Something I Wanted To Do

There are a lot of things I want to say, things I know [you] aren’t ready for. I’ve spoken in haste before – It was not pretty.

And look at you all with your fingers. Must you point any more to something other than your own. A cacophony of macaws losing their heads like the music has stopped and I’m the last one standing. I will keep mine on right, and note your terrible acting. I have to trust what I do; You can have your doubts, but I don’t need to go any further on that. Do not proceed to speak on what I meant by that to others either. I don’t deal in lies, nor the contempt they breed.

You know how I go for danger, the risk of something going to hell and the potential to be enough; It gets my blood fucking hotter than, well let’s just say hotter than a seat at the bar down with the devil. And you know how hot that seat is baby. Yes let’s not pretend. I should pause here. Yes. I will stop here. I really need to temper this patience. Maybe I’ll stop forever. Triumph, won’t you just get out of here while you still have your dignity? Disaster why do you always play the fool? You two, impostors, I will outwit the both of you!

Yes and here it is. I’ve got a few more things to pile on. Let me just put this right up here to finish the stacking; Perfect.
Now I’ll just take this heat and burn everything I know down to ash, It feels better to have nothing. It really does. When nothing becomes something, heck that feels smooth. Going back down if you can’t help it – Now that’s a bad trip. I’ll start over with not a rag in my stomach. After this you won’t hear another bit about it.

Me and death get along well, although he’s still trying to have that night cap with me; I just tell him some other time.
I know he won’t admit it, but he admires me – for all the times he’s held me close – I brought myself to his door, but unlike Faust I act before the final stroke! I tell him no matter how frail I seem in those moments, I will always have a strength greater than his grasp. I tell him even after I pass, he will not be able to remove the pen from my hand. You know I’d hold that sword so tight that even if my arm was severed my will would force my nerve and sinew to hold on! He chuckles always telling me I’m such a joker. I elbow him in the ribs – literally – and let him enjoy his ecstasy.

They’ve all been trying to kill me, the crowd. Throwing their filth and heckling the man, I am not disturbed. I have been dirty. I have been unrecognizable to myself. Now though I have found me, and I don’t much feel like getting lost in their havoctry.

Pardon me your majesty! Royal highness, you are dressed the finest – I’ll walk with you – but I do like to wear this more common thread which I know your wisdom can respect. A smile is enough to pretend. Let us now part great friends, and anytime you call on me I’ll pass along my earnest answer, for you like my enemies may share my bed.

Here we come to you, this unforgiving minute, what will we do. An hour is far too long, and anything less than eternity is not enough. Let’s settle for 60 seconds. I know, I know, it’s the same, it’s all semantics. For you I’ll give my all! I’ll fill you with my best effort. Now you may call me as you like, but I am my own and what I decide will be my sentence.

You know I’d try Romeo’s vial after Juliet’s ill fate just to see if she might have missed some – Women aren’t always better than men at finding things than they think they are.

Quotes for Quenching – 25

“I’ve tried every way I could to tell you that I wanted you to kiss me…” – Katherine Mansfield, from Something Childish & Other Stories

Be your cool self; At times when you’re hot you’re too much.
Too much, but it’s perfect because I want to burst wide open.
I want to explode with the fullness, I want to boil over with it.
I want you running down my sides like rain on window panes
And stick to me for the length water adhesion holds it to glass,

She wanted to hold my hand
but only for a night.
I knew that look in her eyes.
I wore it all the time;
That’s lust for the experience
Truthfully, most nights
I wore only skin to feel bare
Baring fangs to pierce
She was not a familiar taste
It propelled me inward
I couldn’t extinguish a light so pure
Against my nature I ran
If I was going to go somewhere
It’d be my own disaster

Stop and get a watermelon on the way.
Pick a good one because the sweetness will make the surprise that much better.
Do you know how to pick a good one?
You want to put your ear to it, like soft ground, listening for the whispers of promise.
Place your palm firm against the flesh,
Now press your finger tips in with enough grip to start leaving your prints upon it.
From here you want to slowly move your hand away; go ahead and give it a good slap
That sound gets everyone a little piqued.

Where are you going?
Why do you have to always be moving?
You can rest and not be considered dead!
I had to leave, how many times have I left now?

Everything Took Place In The Lobby

I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby

Faces dripping wet, sweat crossing the bridge that comes and goes; Nose to nose
Hush I think I hear something -Yes, we’re spilling;
Our desires running wild and long,
given space to chase all the winds they so please!
Give to that ephemeral realm that comes to go;
No matter how tight a grip, it slips,
And we slide into a bliss that so many have written
years of their lives to know – All our senses are so tied up!
It feels this good, how could it not have a taste!
The mind is so turned, it scrambles to uncross the nerves;
Releasing every enzyme it has in order to try and break it down!
It does, it does! It isn’t something you can put in your mouth – It’s the reach, the constant empty grasp for air in your fist when you see, and seek the beauty – It is that effort, that desire, that chase, wetting your tongue

Hey, come to, you’re missing the spectacle, a light show like no other!
See you in your white dress as you descend the grand staircase;
Your hand intimate with the railing,
even though you walk with an aura that assures all onlookers that you could never fall.
God damn I wasn’t expecting to be this calm,
but you could soothe the torrents out of the storm;
You could draw the chaos and release it as focus
The concentric glass to a sun beam of a life!

She looked at me and smiled, “What do you mean?” I sat quiet for what could have been labeled as eternity if I had had more than a minute. I turned to her and gave her those ‘are you really going to make me say it’ eyes. She angled her head a bit to the side and shot me one of those flirtatious eyebrow raises. So I gave it to her straight on the counter, no hesitations, no vagueness. I was attempting to speak to how the white intensifies your brightness, but of course that goes without saying, you already know me, you know this, you are the goddess – She didn’t need me to say it

Your saliva is so sweet I could have sworn I was tasting watermelon, maracuya, fresas, and peaches; Yes, your tongue is the ripest.

The Last Knights

“Not all things worth doing make men rich,
But all things worth doing make rich men.” – IV

I’ve allowed complacency to sink in. I won’t pretend I did not see it coming. I was not immune to the great sickness that has plagued us. Resistant, Yes. The ugly truth though is that my resistance only served to magnify the eventual depths to which I fell ill. As I walked around infected it began to seep into my well; deeper and deeper. Drinking of the poisonous milk as it slowly grew more potent hid the corrosion from my observations. The rooms grew darker, the lights fainter, and all along I thought I was still glimpsing the sun.

Early on I could feel the dichotomy that existed within me rage and erupt like the surface of our Sun – Much like the tumultuous currents that roared beneath, I knew no peace. It wasn’t that I was intentionally destroying what I had created, no, I needed more observation of the two interacting and giving way in order to captain with the ideal philosophy. If it took me a bit of time to be certain in my heading, then so be the course.

Have you ever put out a fire with nothing but the air in your lungs?
You have to hold a long time, ignoring all the signals, against all those inhibitions.

Many rights and wrongs occurred before I grasped the philosophy of life I felt beating between my flesh and spirit. Too great an ascendancy of either meant a tearing pain, since the two could never really be severed as long as I lived; And since I endured to live while I was present, I scored greatest in balancing the dimensionless with the physical. In the moment, they meet cheek to cheek; yet as often as one is permitted to gallop, so is the other. In short, I have small regard for the absolute rock or for the absolute feather because neither have stretched out a hand to other out fear of what they might become.

If you’re scared to be hard, then you will only bring suffering, if you are scared to be soft, you will only break

And I hope you understand that when we talk about nights it isn’t just the time of day that takes place when the sun isn’t out. It’s a much darker place than the evening you spend reading and writing books with a little smoke in your lungs. It’s the kind of lightless you lose things in, things you tied to your fingers. You’re going to need your fingers to feel around when you get here.

We are the ones we are waiting for

I Was Going Through The Levels

I know what you want. I know what you’re looking for – Why don’t you just come ask for it – It’s not like it’s lost, it doesn’t need to be found. You don’t even need a map to get to it. All those things you’ve scrawled out in the mornings like you were invigorated, like new life came beckoning you out into the wild to seek a glimpse of your tattered soul; It’s a chase after the thrills of the primitive hunt; An excuse so that deep down you can cover up the sanctimonious lie you pour over yourself when you need a drink – But hey, it’s nine in the afternoon somewhere right?

I was going real high there,
I felt like I could really fly you here.
Like I had all those things they sing about;
I’ve got a lot they go without, they don’t know about
Their money isn’t one of them, but I do just fine.
Aim not to let it prey on me,
I’d rather let art be the death of me
I bet I taste better than all that gold
Flavor profile hits all your zones
Frontal view? I’ll slide in the back
Pack it tight so the flight is right
Maybe where I’m taking this is past, ridiculous;
I thought I had the mind for this trick
Like most people I invested, but still couldn’t figure it
Yet nobody has a clue, I’m out the zoo,
I wonder if you know the road, I wonder if you’ll come thru
I wonder if you’ll find your home
I wonder what you wonder too

I cut through to the place you might call deep, but we’re all surface level. I can’t get where your dark corners are with this candle I’m holding, and I wouldn’t even try from where I am. Do you have something to say? No, I guess you didn’t this time around. I couldn’t tell by the way you gazed from the tip of your nose. I wonder if you still know my scent, wonder if I was nearby could you search me out? You should have been there for all the dates I’ve gone on, we all laughed and had a good time, but it wasn’t enough. Nothing has been yet, and I know it’s awful, because everyone wants so much.

I feel like all my words want to leave me
Like it wasn’t fair that I spoke em’ all,
but now they’re here and it’s all you are

I’m patient now, but I wasn’t when I had the time – I know I can keep you up all night

The Night Thief

We both sighed the relief of an old gas furnace release valve; Turned to look at each other, and simultaneously asked with, I know you don’t belong here smiles, “What are you doing here?” We both laughed, I looked down, she answered, “Cousin’s birthday, I’m tired, and I just want to go home.”

The music is too loud in there, no one can hear anyone speak, and all interactions are restricted to one of these looks, and so I gave her the look and we both laughed again. Through her laughter she spoke up, “Yes, yes, what are you doing here?” I paused and gave her a soft smile of appreciation then told her, “Looking for you.”

Then you must be greatly relieved to have found me here.
I wouldn’t call myself a man of any faith in others, but I couldn’t have more spirit wash over me if I had been there when the third poured out over the firsts; You can understand the significance of such a tasting.

“And what does fire taste like Mr…” I gave her a name, but at that instant an altercation broke out and she didn’t hear me properly. Then another man began to accost her, as she looked me into the eyes and told me, “He isn’t shit, none of them are shit, don’t you worry.” I smirked, “I won’t say anything about what they are or aren’t.” At this time it was louder than if a person had moved through a festival crowd and made it front and center.

“Isn’t it rather maddening Mr…? I apologize I missed your name before.” Instead of giving her my name again I gave her what she was looking for, “Crazy is just a state of mind, that everyone is running from. Imagine not having tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge. What an awful prospect that would be – I moved my face towards her’s with the confidence of the stallion’s stride across open fields; I knew nothing else. Pausing a breath away from her, I felt her look up at me like I was the full moon; She was the waves which I had pulled forth – I imagined as Adam must have reasoned, if such an innocent man could truly contemplate, that I would not be the one to pass up the fruit.

I don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s high above the clouds


How was that? Did I get anyone’s mind turning? Let me know how you felt throughout!

And please, let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about this Night Thief. Who know’s what else has been stolen in the dark

I Can’t Feel My Face

You see she likes the danger, the chemical cocktail endorphin rush – Now I won’t pin these things I’ve dreamed up on her – I’m my own man; but if there was something that needed burning, I knew she wouldn’t mind being kept warm. Maybe I put on a little much, maybe I held her throat in my palm with my passion boiling over, but she liked the way the hot wax made her jump. If you can catalyze someone’s soul right out of their bones into their own arms, where they can burnish themselves, and look upon the moment divinely – Perhaps a little too hungry; Is your primal acumen following? – You do it with alacrity and watch their ebullience do anything but desiccate

Maybe I’m saying too much on this. For you? No, this isn’t for you at all dear.

You ever seen a woman hold fire in her hands? I have.