I’m Not a Love Poet, but Damn I’ll Worship a Goddess

She paints the world a beautiful hue:
Reds, yellows, black, and blues.
How can I ask for more of one
Who already gives the day more than the sun.

From whom’s light, like marble, she does carve
The winds, and rains which do fill
My lungs with breath, and wets my tongue
With desire to explore all the life she gifts
Forth from the dive into her depths,
The folds and crevices of her lovely landscapes.

I can see it with my eyes closed, and hear it in the silence;
Her beauty turns my thoughts, my heart beats wild like a fire,
and somehow her voice soothes these weary hands,
Inspiring my soul within, spark of a creator, to build.

Take me down, all the way down tonight

I Can Always Talk About Infinity And All The Things You Mean To Me

End of privilege, end of these Global elites.
There is no crown, royalty shall not be,
No sword in stone nor golden fleece,
I have not king, I have no queen,
No blue ribbon, or gold medal,
Only me, thee and becoming,
Been a long time coming
Dynamic expressions,
Center everywhere,
Infinite potential,
This is key
Life is
Eternity is
Created in us
Through us by us
We are the Gods here
We are the Goddesses, dare
I write it, the truth I’ve given to
Light in the darkness, we are the arks
Full of all existence, if we would but listen

Can you see or is it not apparent

I Could Be Dangerous Or Just Your Daydream

She can sing to me till I melt into the seat leathers of the universe baby

I’ll write while she bites my neck,
Only the true death will do for me

I’ve got pink blossoms floating on,
Take off your songs my deep love,

Put on your heart strings, I can pull em;
Let down your hair some, hard drive,

We’re in a place the average reach for,
so go ahead and get down on the floor
Load up your bearings,
you’re the Cardamaro to my Orange Bitters and Scotch

I’ll bring you down on the rocks,
Unfurl your locks across the dock

Making love before we make it out of the waters.
Now we’re on the shores with a star cover blanket.

Jelly fish drifting along your skin – I could cover you in sweet stings,

But I’ll just lay beside you and pull you like the moon does.
You’re an ocean.
Now I’m dancing on this whiskey barrel,
Rolling my tongue along your river,

I can feel your tire swing visions pulsing through your arteries;
Let’s ride until we kill the batteries.

Hide Your Feelings or Get Caught In The Fangs – The Brave

I don’t wonder about the shadows played on her cheeks,
I don’t wonder about the places we’ll meet.
I know out here in the wild, she is a killer just like me.

Designed to slice and tear; if you don’t show strength beware.
I know she could be the end of me out in this wilderness here.

I know my skin is tough, but I can’t help but imagine her deadly walk;
I let her get just close enough, to feel the dangerous rush.
I wonder how long I’ll be bleeding once I’m punctured.

All that red, all that red I always wanted to become; There is no dread.
In my eyes she is so angelic, yet I can see her darkness, Oh how I’d devour it,
I know she’d take the bite if I got close enough; I’d bite her back!

Now lay your defenses at your side because I dare you to risk this one life you are given.
Look to her steady approach as she catches your scent.
Hold out your hands with cupped palms, and look firmly into those gems with understanding gaze.

If you can’t kneel before her, and accept her incisors at your throat,
If you quiver as she presses without hesitation, smoothly from clench to bite,
If you can’t quietly peer into the distance for those moments where she decides to drain you or not,
Then you aren’t the brave she is looking for.

Yes, she will bite, at times too hard. On the days her love is hardest,
You have to know that she will watch how you act, and put to heart your patience
If you can find a way through that armor, if you even bother,
Bless your hands when you hold her – A rose is more than form!

Did you ever decide if you’d paint perfection on that marred canvas? 

It seems whatever reaction once chained, transformed. And suddenly we were strangers again; There no longer was any taste lingering. Perhaps it’s my memory; bad with particulars, with holding emotional thoughts. I could put you into my mouth & be shocked by the flavor. Are you clear? I’m red. Colors are such story tellers – You’ve got a painting on your face.

To put something so pure upon the tongue, to be so hot with one’s blood, awfully wild for just a night.
Tore the armor off and discovered flight. Going on down and you might, find a thirst for such a life.
Here you are in the bed; All that is wanted is your head.

Before You like A Leap of Faith – When Only Reason Will Do

I know you. Well that’s false pretense. To be clear we’ve met before. We’ve exchanged deep gazes with empty words. We talked on all the things okay, but not really of consequence. You know about me. It’s hard to deny; I’ve crossed a few paths with your roaming thoughts… You go out there and face all of it very well; all the while thinking of those dire hungers which keep your heart rate a little above average. Well my question now is in the open. Are you still? What signs are you waiting for? It’s an awful place considered; To find yourself in front of a great expanse with all the potential washing over you while you just stand there – Still uncertain what to do next.
– IV

To be both the Ocean & Its container

Come a little closer baby, put your breath into my chest; I’ll press my lips to your forehead, exhaling, “This is my heaven.” These moment where at the surface not much is stirring, but without the breakwaters of your touch my boat would find the waves rougher.

I want to travel to far away places, and then far away places that used to be near places until all the places have been far and near – Until every place has found space in my heart.

What’s A Curse Without A Kiss

I would have swallowed every last word of mine, never to speak again, had it meant that I could hear your voice; your words cradled within my ears. Pursed upon your lips: a kiss so sweet that even the gods would beg for a taste! A sliver of your mind and Tantalus would die knowing that he could not reach for a thought more beautiful than you. Alas I am cursed, for I held you, and your warmth no longer touches my cheek. But a smile you still do put upon my face for I did hold you, and I did show you my heart – And I do believe that I did hold yours for a time as well.

Because Sometimes Breathlessness Is All [Even] I Have For Words

When the sun shines eternal you can not avoid its light,
You smile and it glistens off your eyes,
Hands running your thighs,
We count time,
Where we both wonder if there is anything out beyond,
What is felt, in these lives,

We move like the practiced dancer
and know that this is how she felt,
O’ move like the fleet of swallows,
This is the tempest,
We storm the stars and they open their arms to us,

Gasping O’ we come down from there,
To a bed of golden fields below their sweet shades,
we find the edge and I say jump!
Nothing should we fear.

I Command My Lions

Foolishly I’d posture my chest before a thousand lions to impress you; even after you tell me that all I need do is hold you. This I do – like the night sky frames the stars, As a child’s eyes mesmerized by sunrise skies soon to be sets. I hold you, but it seems shorter than I do most breaths

Come a little closer baby, put your breath into my chest; I’ll press my lips to your forehead, exhaling, “this is my heaven.” These moment where at the surface not much is stirring, but without the breakwaters of your touch my boat would find the waves rougher.

Upon the shore once more, and I am still the fool for those lions would tear my flesh! When all you have to do is wave your hand and at your feet they would lay; I should remain quiet and stand tall until they rise with me
– IV