Rose A Day – 20

Pull from me whatever you wish to see,
we will come to the pinnacle in time,
to look down and see us from the start,
longing to find the end we are.
– IV

That’s the call of the rose. It’s simple. It’s mental. You can see whatever you want. You can close your eyes and create anything. It’s magic. It’s really incredible. You have the ability to think up anything you’d like. It’s an awesome gift. However, to become whatever we see is not a freely given gift. We must work to bring it into reality! As the rose says, you have to ‘pull’ from it whatever you wish to see. In time, with effort, you will reach the pinnacle.

You are the rose, the rose is you. Answer the call. Create. Be your own beacon. Grow into the beauty that you are. Every day is an opportunity to grow in some way. Fill this earth with all the beauty you can! What do you want to pull from the rose? What sight will you see? Will you commit to making it your reality?

Remember, you are the hero of this journey. No one else. You are the hero.

Rose A Day – 19

There are those who can touch from a distance,
A smile, laughs that echo through time, warmth.
Unseen their motions across the Earth’s surface,
Nudge us gentle, like the moon does the waves
– IV

You’ve done it again. Given life to this planet in some way. Without you, it can’t live to its fullest. That’s right. You are a part of the wondrous growth, and beauty of this entire world. You make up part of it just as much as anyone and everything else. Isn’t that just the coolest thing? I know it puts a smile on my face!

Oh where will we take this road? Where will you decide to go? A few more steps today, a few more steps tomorrow. Soon you will be looking back and thinking, “Look how far I’ve traveled.” What did you create today? Is there anything you really want to do again tomorrow? Something you did really well? Look for those positives. What did you do right? Build with that. Small successes. Every day is a new beginning!

It’s going to get interesting to see where I take the rose. Each is a step in my journey. I smile and feel great spilling out what I feel. I know I can’t see way ahead of me, but I don’t need to because the point I’m at now is everything. The beauty is everywhere, appreciate it, and appreciate yourself!

Rose A Day – 18

I am free, I am free,
I may not have money,
but at least I am me.
– IV

The thing about beauty is that it costs nothing to enjoy. It’s in everything. Every smile, and every laugh is beautiful. You are you. You can find beauty in all the struggle. Although the tree can’t get up and leave, it is itself, free and beautiful. Without the struggle would you know beauty? I doubt you’d have as much appreciation for it.

So here it is. A small cut of the beauty I discovered in my moments today. This rose was my release of all I felt. There is no way this expression could ever come out as anything but beautiful. The expression of a soul’s creative energy can never fail. Did you express yours today? You still have time! Take 5 minutes.

Even if it’s just a thought that makes you smile. Find that beauty. Tomorrow is a new day to take the next steps. Our journey’s will unearth the darks and lights. We will use them both to paint our lives! Magnificent works of art. We are all on our way. You’re awesome. Don’t doubt it. Always the positives.

Rose A Day – 17

On this night, in this light,
Perhaps you will be right
Be strong, this is your life.
– IV

Sometimes we cut it close. Sometimes we barely make it. Not because of any lack of preparation, but because that’s the way the numbers went. We can’t control everything. There is no shred of hope for maintaining complete control over our lives. All you can do is be strong and certain that you are not going to give in. This means that every day you wake up, you are going to show up. You are going to put in the effort. You are going to do what it takes. That’s just who you are. A hungry soul looking to grow.

Time is rarely in our favor. It always seems to be pushing against or running out on us. It doesn’t matter. You need to give the best effort you can each and every go. The conditions will never be ideal. Don’t wait for them to be. It’s no a sign. It’s just a chance. You’re better off preparing and working towards what you want than waiting around for luck to drop in.

So go ahead get out there, and put in the effort towards your goals. Raise your head each day hungry to meet the sun. You can create whatever you set out to make. That’s the beauty of effort. Little by little. A determined will can accomplish any task. You’ve got to want it though. You’ve got to choose the strong choice. The one that will ask the most of you. That’s the only path you should follow.

I apologize this was late. I’ve been falling behind, but I won’t let that stop me from producing beauty. Enjoy your night. For those of you starting out on your journey, I believe in you! You’re awesome. Enjoy your night.

Rose A Day – 16

You’re a little wild,
Don’t lie to your self,
We know what it is,
to be held in here,
hell you have to be,
to let loose to a degree
else you’d be lost
– IV

You’ve got to be you. You can’t cage yourself. You’ve got to break out of the shackles. You have to dance! You have to create. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a vast part of you. CREATE WHAT? Anything you’d like! Remember it’s for you! Create for you. Love you. If you don’t accept all of you, how can you expect anyone else to do so?

I’m experimenting with shadows! They are some of the funnest places to play. It takes a lot more attention to detail. So the journey is evolving. I’m not sure what changes will come as we continue, but I’m sure there will be plenty.

Enough of what I’m doing. Go on and open up out there! Be you. Be wild. Don’t hide it. Create what you feel. Don’t be ashamed. We all have different degrees to which we enjoy things. Don’t be afraid to try those things you’ve always been drawn by. It’s okay to play with the dark every now and again. Healthy too!

I’m hoping to find a rhythm,
I really live this groove I’m feeling.
Dance on everyone, dance on!

Rose A Day – 15

I am the frost, you the thaw
These are our hearts;
I will make a summer and a home.
– IV

The world never relents. If you get too comfortable it will cover you in dust. You have to work to build what you want. It doesn’t just come to you. You must take what you have and work with what you can gather. If you want to be live in the the warmth of an endless summer you must go out and create it.

This is a great worry to some. We often look to others, and see what we lack. We do this instead of seeing what we have! What a grave mistake to go around lacking when the truth is you’ve been so blessed.

Try this. Look for what you did well today. What did you do right? Then how can you do better? Don’t look to how you failed and get down about it. Tomorrow is a new day to do better and improve. Are you going to look at it in a positive light? If you make it a point to do so! Create the beauty. Bring on your summer!

Rose A Day – 14

It is both exhausting and humbling,
to discover how we can be both
the greatest fool and wisest of wizard
All in the thin threads of one human life,
even in one moment to the next.
– IV

In our lives we are actively changing. Every time we go out and door. Even before we go out the door! All this change can be tiring. It often times is! Look around and ask yourself, “How many people do I know that can handle big changes with ease?” Then look to yourself! How well do you handle change? What about when that change is a new perspective that lands the old you on its ass? Take the winds right out from your sails. What do you do now? How do you manage? Do you let it set you back?

Let those moments humble you to the grand awe of the universe. They are the moments in which you can achieve the greatest of growth.

In the greatest of turmoil the strongest will to grow conquers. The wizard lets these moments of change humble him. Becoming thankful for the opportunity to see what once was hidden. The fool ignores it all and laughs on the way towards repeating the error.

Keep exploring this wild journey we are all on. Keep taking the time to be thankful for change. Meet it with a willing soul! You will not be dissatisfied with the ending result. I know change can be is hard. This is especially true when we’ve found the way we were was not what we thought or wanted. Be glad you now know! What happens next depends on you. Don’t be the fool forever. Keep your head up and align with what you seek. Then just keep taking the steps 🙂

Rose A Day -13

I did forget my sun, my light,
for closed eyes, and claimed night!
When thy winds blew I shut my mind,
To hear nothing, I claimed silence!
I burned my home and said I was cold,
To feel something, I neglected thy warmth.
– IV

Always remember to take a step back and check that your actions are aligning with your thoughts. If there is a disconnect between the two it will only create a great divide. You can actually believe you are living one way, and be completely opposite without even realizing it. The mind and body are powerful, but it significantly decreases their effectiveness when they are not working in unison.

It’s important to step back time and again to make certain we have our thoughts and actions aligned. It’s like checking to see if you are going towards the north star on an expedition only to find out you had been mistakenly using some other astral body. If you had stopped for a minute to observe, you would have noticed your eye on the wrong star!

Make sure you are aligned, and then once you are, continue to trek. You are capable of this. Mistakes are okay. So what if you were going the opposite direction for a little bit. The key take away is that you are now going in the correct direction. Now you’ll have a good story to tell later on.

Let your art evolve. Let yourself grow into the craft. Grow into you! Become what you’ve always felt. It takes time. You’re on the way. You’re taking those important steps. What you are doing matters. Enjoy this beautiful day because you deserve it.

Rose A Day – 12

We Start life over and over again,
Our last is our first,
The end is our start.

Did you ever want it to mean more?
What could be
as beautiful as this?
– IV

The only thing as beautiful is your enjoyment of the process. Your living day in and day out. Moment to moment remembering you are on your way. The journey takes place in your mind as much as it does by foot. If you take each part of the journey as an end to the previous one, and the start to a brand new one then  you can constantly be reinvigorated with a fresh perspective.

All you can ask is, “Did I give it my best today?” Your best now isn’t the absolute best of tomorrow. It is the best for today. You can’t expect to be as good at the ‘start’ as you will be at the ‘end’ …  That would be ridiculous!

Keep working towards your peak! It might seem unobtainable, but that’s only because every step you climb higher, the peak grows taller. Your best is always improving. Never stop rising towards it. Enjoy the rest of your climb today. Remember all expeditions have their periods of rest too! So absolutely feel free to enjoy the sights of your elevations. Just don’t get too comfortable 🙂

Rose A Day – 11

I’m happy we get the opportunity to bloom
after such a cold harsh winter;
It was dark, but life prevailed
and love always keeps life warm.
– IV

Trust that mighty waves will wash over you time and time again. You must be prepared to weather the storm. Our journeys are not always easy. Sometimes it requires all our will to take that next step. We must not shrink in face of difficulty. We must continue forward and do what it takes to reach our goals. It’s okay to get beaten down every now and then, but don’t let it steal all your warmth. A harsh winter is only a contrast to compare with the great spring to follow.

Just know that there is always warmth in the cold. There is always love to keep life lit. Love your craft. Put your soul into what you do, and light your temple. You can keep it as bright as you choose! It’s okay to dim the lights down every now and again too 😉

Look at this beautiful rose that bloomed from me today! It put a smile on my face and really made me think… The possibilities are endless. Remember to focus on the positives of this day. What did you do well? Always the positives. Let’s have an excellent energy tomorrow. Let’s make the world a beautiful place!