Wisdom of Q – 1

“I don’t know much about wine to be honest, but what I do know is that women love Moscato.” – Q, from When it Comes to Breaking

Here let me pour you a glass – Heavens your day looks drawn; And I mean out, not sketched. Should we take a few minutes to let this breathe? Do not rush so headlong; Darling this is quality. – And like any masterwork of art, it takes time for the senses to know what they are dancing with. And dancing on the palette is a complexity a mile wide.
What style do you prefer? Let me put a semicolon between you bent over; And me at the backdoor to meet you.

It’s raw; I’m raw the way I intend to touch you. No filter is how I want the dirty water material world.

You don’t really know how to taste correctly do you? There’s more than just putting it in your mouth. Levels exist to all this, and you’ve got to take the time to get acquainted on each one. Take it in. On the nose, the nose first, and not just how you breathe all day; That’s not depth, not deep at all. Take it in to your inner sanctuary, and let it cake on the walls. Now press it out! Dash and swirl it – Air serves it like a symphonic chamber; The guard is down and the ceilings are open! Now press your nose deep. There is much to find towards the bottom. Is it heavy ? Let it go. Return to the horizon, but keep your distance for this one, yes, hear the whispers from down in the volcanic crater. Are you ready for a splash? Just the tip first, a bit of a bite, an intense concentration of jolts to the buds. This is where you find what your tongue desires, at the gate. Forward we will pass this keeper, and deliver nectar to the body! You deserve a limber afternoon. We could take more insanity, but I’d rather discover all that out in the wild. The howl is our cue, throw your head back and let’s dance like it were a full moon! Feel the life bursting with vigor in this juice – It’s everything a tongue could need, and more.

Be careful, a good dance might find you on the floor

A good dance will have you squirming for a drop more