All is Well in Deserts

Some sheep just give more than other sheep.
What inspiration, what spirals, what a crown for life!
Shout loud that geometry really is a sacred blessing
born from nothing, something springs forward–
without; visible instruction, it churns within this universe,
and it is not begging – Life does not beg – It propels.
Imagine if this wasn’t taken with a potato; NG national geographic.

Wisdom of Woja – 06

“You know when the ride goes around and it starts to come to a stop, you think, I wish it were still going… Well life is.”

Isn’t it peculiar how after so many rides we begin to find ourselves slightly bored with the initial going up on a coaster?
No one can deny that the anticipation it builds doesn’t lend to the exhilaration of taking that first plummet; leading into a soaring rise – It’s entertainment. We took a few goes, and start to wear thin on the purpose of anticipation. No one wants to wait anymore, hell no one wants the ride to end.

Realize that the wait is crucial to the ride. I’ve seen people go round and round thinking they’ve got everything they could hope for – You can see it occurring – They start to grow tired. They forget what was so exciting and breathtaking about the whole happening to begin with. Removing themselves from the circle, from the immersion of the wait, has sullied their experience. It has taken from them their potential to fully enjoy, and captivate what it was that gasped within them.

I was going real high there,
I was going real high there,
I felt like I could
I felt like I would

Wisdom of Woja – 05

How does all this add up to something greater, I barely feel whole now

“That’s because you can only see the first couple of steps, and you’ve added them up; It happened within a time frame where you were able to get comfortable, like that frog in the pot, but this isn’t about cooking. You might cook so it could be, but right now it’s just about looking around.”

Just keep adding and before you know it, there is going to be this happening; A continuous curve increasing; where you are will be greater than where you were. All those tiny steps added up, and you’ve still got more to climb.

Eventually 1+1 awakens something.

Wisdom of Woja – 04 Seeing What You’ve Always Been Looking At

“You know people change, and sometimes it is shit, but they have to do it, because at one time they weren’t that great to start – So it ends up working out.”

You’ll see things differently; And I don’t mean from other people. You’ll see things differently from how you see them now. People, yourself, crushes you’ve had, ideas, events, all of it. Things that once made you lose your temper, perhaps you’ll keep it now. The things that once made you sad, perhaps you’ll smile instead. The things that have made you feel – Let’s hope they make you feel more – When you begin to see through your eyes without any tint, if you can align everything reasonably, nothing will look the same, and you will still have new things to discover.

Wisdom of Woja – 3

How can two souls cross, but only one gets a sense?

That my friend is beyond my knowledge. Of course it follows nature and its laws, though I never studied those in depth; Only ever made things happen, according to what was already. Perhaps it is like seeing someone in a crowd.

Her soul moved at the speed of light, but mine also was
So to each other we weren’t even moving.
Yet I saw her, and to her I wasn’t there.

If someone is all you ever look for, they will be all you ever see, as all the other beauty flows right by you; If anything is actually moving.

And What Is It We Will Tell All the Children

I see so many becoming distant, filling with hate and anger, and it scares me – I am afraid they will look to the past as an example of how to get what’s desired rather than using the powerful reason and imagination resting within to birth something beautiful and new.

Will it be that we did our best? Will it be more lies?

Wisdom of Woja

You know how they say, “If you love someone, set them free?”
It’s like a more polite way of saying, “Shut the fuck up, and move on!”
– To Himself, Wisdom of Woja

And you might feel a shutter from the bluntness,
but in the end it’s edging you onto your next high.
How long do you want to remain low?
By all means take your time with the process and all,
but I assure you as true as the blooms will return,
So will your joy – If you choose to nourish it.

Feed that urge, feed that spirit,
that love within you is hungry,
don’t you starve it now