The Architect & What’s Missing

It is hard to accept that we’re all looking for something that lies within us. To be completely patient with self, and in no rush with you – Together, someday, we will arrive.

“This conversation is missing your voice”

I am trying to keep myself out of harm, I just have a little untamed wild in me. It’s all open, and windows placed so that the light shines through at those hours of the years. Of the year. They inhale and exhale for a moment in the year. Sure enough they do arrive, they arrive, and if you haven’t read William Blake – Well you might see them go at the rate a book fallen from the shelf hits the ground –  I’ve seen at the pace of paint drying, the crawl of the tide back to the mouth of it’s mother, steady as Earth’s axial precession. I wouldn’t say stalled; But I’ve fallen to sleep and awoke with plenty still to admire. Rarely is there an evening that goes by where we have it too quiet.

I bet you are as smooth as this bourbon and bite just like the vinegar – Sink em in – On the tip of your tongue I want to swim, behind your teeth, I’ll know just the direction you’ve chosen – Towards open waters

One who thought he could swim the harsh seas without drowning,
Have you drank enough off the ocean floor yet?

Some people might try to build a home in ruins. They like the tall open ceilings, and the big windows that let in all the light, the tiny alcoves for reading their books, the craftsmanship and all its’ inspiration. It’s intuition; Engaged and in motion, they can live, they can explore with no sight at all! Those who trust their eyes closed will always see more.

Tired, but I keep going. This is all I know to do, I have reasons to believe in you – I’ll be right at home for you

This was never about four walls


Morning Mood – Hunger

Don’t be shy, this is what you’re here for right?

Morning mood let me be soft for you, morning moves you could take it off, but I’d rather do it for you – Awoke hungry for you. Wake you up with bites along your neck. I’m looking to devour it. Little bits of saliva left on your chest – Kisses across to both your shoulders; Slow for now as we warm up the motors. Run my tongue along your lip, go for a taste and pull back as you breathe in,  drag my smile to your ear, whisper how I had you in my dreams and now I want it this morning in reality.

The beat, the beat – I’m not here to sleep – Woke up at birth and have forever been searching; I’ve been looking for the right permutation. One I could sit back, and soak up in awe of its simple kind of amazing.


These are my morning moods; Let them touch you.
My thoughts of everything, how it all gets my mind filling with color!

You like colors don’t you?
Who are you trying to josh,
You love rolling in these vivids

Flowers & Ecstasy

I want flowers.
I want them so vivid they look painted
Dark and light, heavy on the colors,
Put em through a gentle wash and dry; Out they come like fresh potpourri
The stuff a shaman might pull out of his bag of mystery.
The kind of beautiful that works as medicine,
a couple doses and we’re young again – Is that youthfulness attainable?
Let’s lay out under the stars and then describe it to each other with strokes on canvas
Can we lay down and I paint you a masterpiece?

Flowers and Ecstasy; You scream!
That magic will be the death of me,
And I can’t quite get into necromancy
Although I am into reinvigoration – Restore your body with some heavy breathing

lay down, lay down, breathe

Reading You

Does time passing have you contemplating? Are you amazed as much as me?

And all this had passed – Telling you stories, opening up and giving you all the things I could, looking to share a smile, and spend time; I finally understood what had been taking place all along. You’ve been with me now since this started, since you began to know me. Yes, I’ve said it before, and I say it now – You know me. And I suppose I could have arrived to this point much sooner, but I still believe anything worth doing takes the time; takes the focus and energy of many days. Even now as I read you along to this point upon which we converge, I draw my breaths slow and steady because I think a patient and unhurried delivery is due. To who am I writing? To who was all this meant for? Who would find this delivered to them coiled in an evolving script, in the company of countless stamps – Well it’s you.

There is more – There is always more

Quotes for Quenching 28

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Well isn’t this just the place to be right now. I’ve got a lighter that doesn’t work, and nothing to burn anyways so there isn’t any reason to be worried about bad habits. He laughed and decided to play a real slow tune that turned real introspective. At about this time she walked in. Up until this point, you’ve all been biting your tongue about how this all started, where it all began. Well my memory is corrupt with dreams, and the records were never kept well so I can’t tell you with complete honesty. This may be a good place to mark as one of the beginnings though

Have you ever thought where did the time go?
Have you claimed there was no way that was only ten minutes?
Swore more than a quarter, more than a half had passed?
Yet here you are scratching your head like time has stood still.
And all the while you freeze, whoever has done it is staring up at you.
This is not magic, but it is weird – As soon as you move to act
It becomes divine comedy
You want it to slow back down to a crawl,
but it speeds ahead faster than you can register.
You’ve had your first laugh, your last kiss,
and everything in between all in the span of a drink – or was it two?

And let me guess Mr. … You’re a salesman.
Hardly do I want to sell you anything
A humanitarian?
Don’t rope me in with them.
You don’t want the best for people?
Depends on what people you’re referring to.
The two persons engaged in exchange.
And what is it we happen to be exchanging?
Well it certainly isn’t possessions or the local currency.
Then smiles it is.
You want to make me laugh don’t you?
I wouldn’t say I want to make you do a thing.
But you would like to see me enjoying myself.
I think that would be something I could get behind
Good. It was nice speaking with you, sir, I hope you have a grand evening.
Wait,  where are you going?
Are you trying to follow me? She smiled and turned to go.
No, I just wasn’t expecting –
Anything. You shouldn’t expect anything.
I shouldn’t expect anything you’re absolutely right

The barkeep smirked as our focus watched her leave the place.
Our man turned back to the bar and decided it was time to part.
So soon? asked the keeper. So soon? The night must be at end!
You only got here at half passed six. Half passed six it’s nearly..
Well would you look at that – A peculiar occurrence has taken me.

My watch stopped. “He cheated again,” said the man in the gallery.

Quotes for Quenching – 27 – On Daring

“For me, exploration was a personal venture.
I did not go to the Arabian Desert to collect plants nor to make a map;
such things were incidental. At heart I knew that to write or even to talk of
my travels was to tarnish the achievement.
I went there to find peace in the hardship of desert travel and
the company of desert peoples…It is not the goal but the way there that matters,
and the harder the way the more worthwhile the journey.” —Wilfred Thesiger

I won’t speak of the things I’m doing – I’ll leave it at a few deep breaths.
Much adversity lies ahead, and that’s okay because I’ve got a good head.

Savoir faire – This is me. I can produce what you need in any occasion.
You need a story to lift your spirits higher than what you’re drinking?
I will go into the heart of darkness to retrieve it from the maws of chaos.
Not far enough for you? Not daring enough? I will close my eyes
And walk across the universe – When I return I’ll tell you what I saw.

I know that eudemonia lies in wait at the end of this heady path,
Sometimes we’re going forward, other times around and then back;
No worries we’re going exactly where we must to carve our way.
Pick up your andreia; Polish it, you’ll wear it with your chest proud.
Do not run from what you know is true in your heart,
do not hide what you know with what you feel – This is sin qua non!
Keep desire in step with thumos – To the best of your skill let them run.

The Last Knights

“Not all things worth doing make men rich,
But all things worth doing make rich men.” – IV

I’ve allowed complacency to sink in. I won’t pretend I did not see it coming. I was not immune to the great sickness that has plagued us. Resistant, Yes. The ugly truth though is that my resistance only served to magnify the eventual depths to which I fell ill. As I walked around infected it began to seep into my well; deeper and deeper. Drinking of the poisonous milk as it slowly grew more potent hid the corrosion from my observations. The rooms grew darker, the lights fainter, and all along I thought I was still glimpsing the sun.

Early on I could feel the dichotomy that existed within me rage and erupt like the surface of our Sun – Much like the tumultuous currents that roared beneath, I knew no peace. It wasn’t that I was intentionally destroying what I had created, no, I needed more observation of the two interacting and giving way in order to captain with the ideal philosophy. If it took me a bit of time to be certain in my heading, then so be the course.

Have you ever put out a fire with nothing but the air in your lungs?
You have to hold a long time, ignoring all the signals, against all those inhibitions.

Many rights and wrongs occurred before I grasped the philosophy of life I felt beating between my flesh and spirit. Too great an ascendancy of either meant a tearing pain, since the two could never really be severed as long as I lived; And since I endured to live while I was present, I scored greatest in balancing the dimensionless with the physical. In the moment, they meet cheek to cheek; yet as often as one is permitted to gallop, so is the other. In short, I have small regard for the absolute rock or for the absolute feather because neither have stretched out a hand to other out fear of what they might become.

If you’re scared to be hard, then you will only bring suffering, if you are scared to be soft, you will only break

And I hope you understand that when we talk about nights it isn’t just the time of day that takes place when the sun isn’t out. It’s a much darker place than the evening you spend reading and writing books with a little smoke in your lungs. It’s the kind of lightless you lose things in, things you tied to your fingers. You’re going to need your fingers to feel around when you get here.

We are the ones we are waiting for

Quotes for quenching – 23

“Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man. It happens to nearly everyone. You can feel it growing or preparing like a fuse burning toward dynamite[…]Then a man pours outward, a torrent of him, and yet he is not diminished. And I guess a man’s importance in the world can be measured by the quality and number of his glories. It is a lonely thing but it relates us to the world. It is the mother of all creativeness, and it sets each man separate from all other men.” – John Steinbeck

There were those who asked for my days, some found lost in my face, others demanded my word, but none took my demons besides you. Perhaps this is to say I’ve been sifting through all pouring forth from me like the great Yangtze River delta. It must be that I have within – a vast reserve – as I have yet to be eroded. Will you come to view the canyon it creates?

If at anytime I’ve begun to say too much feel free to use kisses to shut me up, I will appreciate it as you keep me from trailing off.

I don’t worry of such an event. I just keep churning, yesterday which was today, and tomorrow that shall join in, will all run unrestrained into my ocean of experience and become my history. Touch me; Taste me; That is my proof; I have yet to run dry – I’ve run up on shore, but I’ve always found myself afloat not too long after. It was always orchestrated anyways. I don’t do anything without knowing the cost to my character. I’m the fucking captain on this vessel, I’m the king, Yes, I put the crown on – but I don’t look down; Still I’m the king, anything that goes wrong comes out of my pocket. I’m responsible.

Don’t you know? Don’t you know? No one should have to tell you.

Ora et labora, or God through Labor

Are you awake yet? I thought I heard you stirring in this sweat.
God, I’ve been grinding, now I’m talking to myself.
I should speak a little softer, sing a little sweeter when I rest.
If putting my head down at night were satisfying
Mic drop, I’d never picked it up again

Isn’t that humor divine when you’ve seen eternity in your time
Yeah, I’m forever laughing, a long half life,
Some days I’m gone, can’t reach me, I’m offline
Been a while now, but I think it’s about right, reevaluate
Pick back up for one more good night out before I put the lights out

Look more closely between me and the buried,
Don’t get too close because some things aren’t meant for marriage
I said too close you’ll miss my vantage
Watch you stumble up on stage, Yeah this is the play,
Worse you could do is end up on fire with nothing to say
Soon to go out, having nothing to show
Everybody thinking I thought this was meant to be a killer show

I’m on fire, hell of a time
I see you, I want you, I am you, How’s that for a biblical line
Yeah I’m working, into the morning, wondering how long I’ve got to keep twerking
Burning the oil, I’ve been trying to go green, but I see some of you deep green
You can make it rain, but we’re all still waiting – Got a bad drought, the whole world is thirsty
And when you don’t do anything it’s because you’re empty.

But this is where I’ll refrain and hit you with the refrain:
I really wish you would face your fears,
Staring in the mirror baby girl your face is his,
Take off all the layers and embrace what’s beneath all that skin
Yeah I see it all, your face shows it all, shows it all,
We could start right here, take you to the sky it’s no big deal,
Show it all, show it all, I wanna see, you a star,

Mixing with my words, I hope you catch it all

I’m not a distributor, I stopped the deliverer, go out and get yourself some more

The Time Keeper – 04

A long time was spent feeling immured in an unbearable lethargy. Passion was not enough to kick the pistons of his engine into speed, he had lost desire to dream, and felt rampant an emotional irregularity. Yet, It wasn’t all the worst; So much was taken from then, so much that made him thorough, that he could finally lay his head to rest at night, if he ever chose to these days. It can become a terrible thing when you can’t be bothered with sleep. He’s always playing that irony card, yeah he says the same old excuse that most of us do – I don’t have the time – It’s funny though because he has all the time. Which is silly, of course it isn’t his, but there’s so much he could borrow a few and what would it really change?

You see this kid from, well excuse me for not really explaining in detail; I think it was somewhere in Europe. He had a cleverness about him that was far too quick. If he was pinned down in a solo bank heist, here’s the kicker, he’d pin it on the guy next to him. Yes, he’d pin it on someone who he had only moments before convinced that they were the one who planned it from the start. Imagine that! He robbed banks just to help someone else rob a bank they never intended to take. How you get away with that is anything but transparent to the average observer. I know you’re wondering how this kid has anything to do with the time keeper. He has everything to do with him though, and that’s why it’s such a good listen.

Well if worse comes to worse, there is no worst.