Quotes for quenching – 23

“Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man. It happens to nearly everyone. You can feel it growing or preparing like a fuse burning toward dynamite[…]Then a man pours outward, a torrent of him, and yet he is not diminished. And I guess a man’s importance in the world can be measured by the quality and number of his glories. It is a lonely thing but it relates us to the world. It is the mother of all creativeness, and it sets each man separate from all other men.” – John Steinbeck

There were those who asked for my days, some found lost in my face, others demanded my word, but none took my demons besides you. Perhaps this is to say I’ve been sifting through all pouring forth from me like the great Yangtze River delta. It must be that I have within – a vast reserve – as I have yet to be eroded. Will you come to view the canyon it creates?

If at anytime I’ve begun to say too much feel free to use kisses to shut me up, I will appreciate it as you keep me from trailing off.

I don’t worry of such an event. I just keep churning, yesterday which was today, and tomorrow that shall join in, will all run unrestrained into my ocean of experience and become my history. Touch me; Taste me; That is my proof; I have yet to run dry – I’ve run up on shore, but I’ve always found myself afloat not too long after. It was always orchestrated anyways. I don’t do anything without knowing the cost to my character. I’m the fucking captain on this vessel, I’m the king, Yes, I put the crown on – but I don’t look down; Still I’m the king, anything that goes wrong comes out of my pocket. I’m responsible.

Don’t you know? Don’t you know? No one should have to tell you.

Wisdom of Woja

You know how they say, “If you love someone, set them free?”
It’s like a more polite way of saying, “Shut the fuck up, and move on!”
– To Himself, Wisdom of Woja

And you might feel a shutter from the bluntness,
but in the end it’s edging you onto your next high.
How long do you want to remain low?
By all means take your time with the process and all,
but I assure you as true as the blooms will return,
So will your joy – If you choose to nourish it.

Feed that urge, feed that spirit,
that love within you is hungry,
don’t you starve it now

Don’t Be A Dinosaur – Evolve

I’ve recently started opening my other blog after quite a hiatus.

I would like to welcome anyone who hasn’t already found it to check it out, and possibly enjoy my most recent post on listening skills.

So here it is: http://www.dontbeadinosaur.wordpress.com

If you take the time to explore, I hope you find something worth your a sliver of your time today!


Quotes for Quenching – 2

“How could there be any question of acquiring or possessing, when the one thing needful for a man is to become – to be at last, and to die in the fullness of his being.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our greatest works,
none shall ever see,
only the resultants,
for they go in dark,
in the light of mind,
When all is quiet, the war will rage on, silent except for mind.
In time, even it too shall come to quiet,
existence all that remains
People keep things bottled up,
no matter how much you tell them
to spill it onto the canvas.

Darks and brights alike
create the true image so when we are done
we have painted with all at our disposal
and it will truly reflect what we wanted
rather than letting the shadows persist,
un-shaped, being allowed to twist

Create thy self and let no one else!

Hold Yourself Something

I didn’t ask for this. I don’t tend to ask for anything. I’m just ruined when you give me something new. I’m coming undone and it’s so soon. Sights and touch I didn’t know one could have – My imagination was never that profound.

So here I am, to return what has come to me, to breathe life from what the trees have gifted me, and sing song till there is no wind to float a tune or ocean to sink into. If you would strike a note I should hear you, feel the pulls of your body – a beautiful gravity, waves crashing over me. This I see
– IV

Life is meant to move at a pace that tests our reflexes.
Always on the move, we must be quick. Timing is everything.
You want to find the sweet spot. Agile, but not rushed.
Constantly aware and in control of your decisions and actions

I could write endless, but what would then matter outside of us.

Dare You Say What is Weak; You are Surely Blinded by Your Strengths

We go through so much – and we ought to let much of it go. A lot hold it in far too long. They believe themselves superior, beyond such petty emotions. Not that they don’t feel, but that they see no purpose in returning back to the waters that birthed them; Strong enough to carry it all to the end of the path. This simple rain from swelled clouds, releasing tears down our cheeks, is a blessing which your ego keeps from you. A return to birth, balancing, let gentle water flow – Does this not wash them out? It might be that way so we can see life with a clearer view again.
– IV

What could take more strength than letting go of the things you feel, but no longer can hold, in order to climb higher?

Rose A Day – 30

I smeared this with a butter knife.
It was all I had to get the job done.

I don’t remember what the hell I wrote.
but I’ve still got more to do
Before I’m satisfied with it.

Was last night high enough for you?
Don’t lie to yourself it doesn’t work.

You can’t expect to deliver everyday of your life. Can you tell the future? No, no you can’t because it hasn’t happened yet. There are going to be days or strings of days where you need to do something entirely different… Life changes. The river flows through all kinds of bends, ups, and downs. You will find that being open to these changes is the best way to be in your journey. Stay true to you, but be willing accept the dynamic experiences you will encounter along the way. You can’t control the currents 😉 only how you approach, and flow in them.

This was an entirely new experience for me. I didn’t have the best tools to get the definition I was looking for. I even tried bending the knife to a more acceptable shape. It only helped a bit. Regardless I am happy with where it is at this point.

I hope you haven’t waned in your efforts to become along your journey towards yourself! Where I am is not where I will be, but it’s not bad at all. I can only speak for myself when I say that I have a long way to go, but slow progress is progress.

Let’s find our calm in the storm…



Rose A Day – 29

Isn’t it just fulfilling and inspiring as the sun
when the universe seems to align with our strides,
and we become aware of all the trials’ worths
– IV

Just keep going. Keep moving onward. These moments are meant to raise your spirits and take you through all the difficulties still ahead. This journey is your greatest task. You are searching for the greatest treasure one may uncover in the universe. What is it? Here’s a few hints… It’s not as far off as you think it is. It isn’t guarded by any malevolent beasts. Only you can attain it. Only you may grasp it.

This journey your on leads to yourself. It’s what all the heroes in the myths ultimately find out. They left ‘home’ to go out and bring back their true self. To unearth the confidence in their own becoming and growth. They learned of their weaknesses, took risks to overcome them, and reached great heights. Maybe they slayed a few demons along the way. That’s just code for ‘we all have our problems’. What could be more valuable, more beautiful, than becoming you, the best you possible? Trust that there is no greater sensation than being you.

Who has a greater chance at success… The person who never found themselves or the person who is absolutely confident in who they are? This is your life. This is your art. You have to go down into the deep dark cave and bring back that great treasure. You are the hero of your own story. This is all up to you. Others are here to support you, as I am, but the work has to be done by you. Now look to the positives, what did you do well today? Remember everyone is on a journey of their own, so don’t be afraid to throw some encouragement to out.

Did you go after that goal today? Tomorrow is a new day to put in more work or tonight if that is when you get the time to do it! Be hungry to improve, do your best, and know you will get there with persistence.

Rose A Day – 28

Every act you take is a chance for art in some way,
to breathe and exhale through your very essence.
– IV

I hope you’ve been breathing lately. Exhaling too! Any time you act it is a chance for art to seethe out of you, to spill from your mind to reality, and flow into the world around you. This is where seeing the beauty comes into play. You are creating your greatest masterpiece with each breath. What is it? Yourself!

You are a wondrous work of art. A magnificent work capable of weathering a harsher storm than your typical piece. You are the creative process. You are imagination. You are mind. It all pours from you. The process in which you act is the art of yourself. How are you painting your life?  Remember to choose your hues wisely. You either paint the beauty or you paint the chaos. Take careful consideration in this. I like to use a little dash of chaos every so often, but you have to make that decision. You’re very important. Such an important piece of art deserves the greatest attention, and APPRECIATION!

Where are you heading on your journey? It’s okay not to be sure. That’s what is great about being a dynamic work of art ;). You can change. You can go another way. Mixed media anyone? Find the beauty in everything. Look for the positives, look to grow, and keep the cool.