Rose A Day – 27

Gone forever,
I lament my bleeding soul,
gone for the better I know,
for my heart has grown.
– IV

Well isn’t that the truth? Every thing we allow to pass is an experience from which our soul can grow. It isn’t always easy, but it is a necessity. We can’t hold onto the beauty around us. Holding only keeps it from being free and truly alive. Remove the constant fear of loss. How much more beautiful is something when we don’t worry about grasping it?  How about when what we appreciate chooses to be near to us? Be patient. Don’t be in any rush. These things take time. Learn to navigate the things you feel. Direct yourself towards acceptance of you in the present moment. Work towards what you want, but understand that you are only happy if you choose to be. You see what you want. It’s easier said than done of course, but you aren’t going to let that stop you right?

Go on just say it. You choose happiness or you choose excuses. What good has an excuse ever done you? They only keep you from attaining your best and brightest moments. You might be good now, but how much better could you be if you stopped letting all the excuses you hold onto go? Have you found what you want to put time and energy into when you are alone?

Have you MADE the time (No matter how small) to explore the shore of what it has to offer? Would you turn down 15 minutes of walking on the most beautiful beach you could conceive of? HELL NO, YOU WOULDN’T. So why turn down any amount of time to do what brings you joy?

Stop disillusioning yourself. We don’t all get the ‘perfect’ life. Perhaps for the rest of my life I’ll only find 60 minutes a day to draw and write to you. Should I stop knowing I’ll never get to do more than that? What do you think? I know my choices. Now make yours.

When you get to the end of this day ask yourself, “What did I do well today?” Look for those positives. Build that momentum in your life. Soon enough you’ll be expecting to do better so you’ll have more to reflect on. This alone will get you exceeding expectations. Fan that fire baby. See your beauty, feel it around you. Stay cool!


Rose A Day – 26

As in nature,
so it is in life,
we create,
our own shadows.
– IV

When you look at your physical shadow, it is you that casts it. You tower high, and upon the ground you lay a darkness. It is inevitable. You can’t escape it. The shadow without. We learn early on that it is part of us. We even play with the shadows as children. Since the physical shadow can’t be hidden and by default is visible to all, it is intuitively understood by everyone.

There is indeed another shadow that is part of us that doesn’t get the attention it needs. The shadow within. The dark corners of our consciousness we often neglect.  It is something many hide their entire lives. There is so much to learn about ourselves in these places. When we stop fearing what we might find, when we start to embrace the dark and merge it with our light in healthy avenues, we expand our perspective. We stop running and start learning to paint with all the hues possible.

This journey we’re on is not all flat leveled terrain. There will be times when you look up to see the sun upon the horizon only to find you can’t see the light. You might will find yourself lost in the dark.. This isn’t reason to be afraid. Remember that you indeed are your own light. You are responsible for what you see, what you feel, and the beauty you create. Take a look at the rose. Without the shadows it falls of what it could be. Without the shades it isn’t what it could become. Just like YOU, the whole is GREATER than the sum of the parts! You can do so much more if you embrace all of you, and know all of you!

Continue to make the effort to travel far and wide, but remember somethings we seek are right under our noses. You can do this. What’d you do well today? Look for the positives. You’re a beautiful spiral galaxy, take the time to investigate all you have to offer.

Rose A Day – 25

When you come to know that you are everything,
You can in turn have everything in your palm.
– IV

It’s interesting to think that you are a piece of the universe on it’s own journey. You are literally as important as everything else that exists. You matter. You literally are matter too! Everything is made up of the same building blocks more or less. What sets us apart, what determines how bright we shine, is how we act, how we create, how we give! More importantly is how we perceive ourselves. If you see yourself as worthy of life, of love, then you will in turn give so much more to yourself, and naturally to those around you.

You are the universe. You are you. Amazing and capable. Full of potential. It’s all waiting to pour from your soul, and flow from your mind. Get out there and create for yourself the beautiful world that awaits. This beauty is in every stretch of your existence. It runs through your veins thicker than the blood within them.

Don’t deny yourself the imago dei. Your soul is calling. Your connection to the universe draws like gravity. It’s all in your palm. Just like the rose, it is all contained in how you perceive that which is around you, and how you pull from it whatever you wish to see. Choose beauty. Choose your art. Choose you.

Lovely as always and strong as the Sun’s rays. That’s you.

Rose A Day – 23

Words need not be said,
When the heart feels,
Intuitive design planned,
to take leaps,
and crush bounds
– IV

You know what is best. You know the right choice for your own growth. It is usually the thing you don’t want to do because it requires facing the mirror. It requires accepting that you have to change. This is hard. Most remain forever in flux around this point once they have reached it. They stagnate. They do themselves a huge disservice by holding back from becoming their best.

Go ahead and trust what is in the mirror. Take that feeling, and take the leap of faith. You have all the reason to believe in yourself. You were born to become great. You have it in you to overcome all the obstacles in your path.

Take some time to think about the positives of today. What did you do well? Always the positives. It takes time and commitment. Constant effort. Keep it up. Hone your craft, create your art, raise yourself higher.

Stay beautiful, you’re so cool.



Rose A Day – 24

I’ve caused chaos, I’ve turned destruction,
and in the end I will be the reason for creation
– IV

Sometimes you’ve got to be the chaos in order to survive. Sometimes you’ve got to unleash whatever it is you’ve got inside, and not be afraid to burn down the forest. When the embers cool, new growth will find its way through the ash. New life will begin. You can’t be afraid to walk away from all your efforts in one direction. If it’s time to start fresh then so be it.

Remember we have to step back every now and then and make sure we are aligned, thoughts with actions. We may even need some new thoughts at some point! Don’t be afraid to be a little destructive. Keep your eyes on what you are attempting to create.  Move in that direction. You’ll arrive a step closer each day.

I wanted to do something in terms of color today. I didn’t have a lot of time, but I just had to use color. I’m not sure I’ve finished this one so for now it is a work in progress. We’ll see how it turns out. No matter what, I’ve made the decision to be ready. You’re ready too. We’re ready as we will ever be.

Enjoy these moments. Stay beautiful , stay cool.

Rose A Day – 22

I’ll take what’s in the mirror,
I’ll be your pool, throw in me whatever you wish,
I will swallow your confusion and give light to that I can.
– IV

You are incredible. Magnificent. You are the universe. That’s right. You make it up just as much as anyone/anything else. You see what you look for. Everything I see is beautiful. I’m doing all in my mind’s power to see what could be, and make it so. I’ll take anything and do my best to make it what it deserves to become.

That’s what you have to do. You can’t sit there and say, “I just don’t see what I want.” You can see anything you’d like with your mind! So why not do that? Instead of dreading what you don’t want to see, shift your sight to what you do want to see. Start envisioning it now. Then figure out what must be done, and start taking steps in that direction.

This is what it means to be a creator. You decide that you can no longer contain the urge to make something. It compels you to act! I drew with my left hand today. It took a little more focus, but it came out wonderful. Why is that? I made sure to envision where I wanted to go. I knew what I was looking to do. So even if I wasn’t completely in my element, I was prepared and committed to accomplish what I set out towards. The result? This beautiful rose. I imagine some tiny new connections were created in my brain too!

Try something out of your element tomorrow. Tonight even, if you still think you can make the time. Surprise yourself with whatever you do. Find the joy in taking these steps. I assure you good things are coming.


Did you do your best today? Tomorrow is a new day to go at it again.
I know it’s not simple or easy, but it can be done. Remember to smile!

Rose A Day – 21

Feed the fire, for it has started,
and extinguished it can not be,
so long as you feed the fire.

Within us is a fire that needs only our desire to grow and create to burn. Such a desire is inherent in each of us, thus this fire can never go out. It has been burning, at some intensity, for your entire life. If you want it to grow, you must feed it. You must fan the fire of your soul with the breath of your efforts. Don’t fear this fire, it does no harm. It does not consume. It provides warmth. It nourishes everything it comes in contact with! Spread the fire of your soul. Show others the heart it takes to forge ahead. You are your ultimate craft. Become you, no one else may! Nothing feels better than being entirely and unapologetically you.

Are you going to starve the fire? You can feed your physical all you want, but if you don’t fan the spark you will always feel unsatisfied. A slight chill you can’t quite explain will linger about your bones. No matter how much physical warmth you pile on, you will never cast it out. So fan that fire!* Not too much at once though! All the best things are accomplished one step at a time. You wouldn’t want the fire to rage out of control because you gave it too much to start out. You can also put it out if you are too forceful. Find the right balance. That’s key to this whole fanning and growing of the fire. Appreciate the process.

Enjoy another beautiful day. Enjoy all the beautiful moments that will make it up. Don’t forget what you are capable of. You’re awesome, so stop making excuses.

*Hint* Your MIND is the fan.

Rose A Day – 20

Pull from me whatever you wish to see,
we will come to the pinnacle in time,
to look down and see us from the start,
longing to find the end we are.
– IV

That’s the call of the rose. It’s simple. It’s mental. You can see whatever you want. You can close your eyes and create anything. It’s magic. It’s really incredible. You have the ability to think up anything you’d like. It’s an awesome gift. However, to become whatever we see is not a freely given gift. We must work to bring it into reality! As the rose says, you have to ‘pull’ from it whatever you wish to see. In time, with effort, you will reach the pinnacle.

You are the rose, the rose is you. Answer the call. Create. Be your own beacon. Grow into the beauty that you are. Every day is an opportunity to grow in some way. Fill this earth with all the beauty you can! What do you want to pull from the rose? What sight will you see? Will you commit to making it your reality?

Remember, you are the hero of this journey. No one else. You are the hero.

Rose A Day – 19

There are those who can touch from a distance,
A smile, laughs that echo through time, warmth.
Unseen their motions across the Earth’s surface,
Nudge us gentle, like the moon does the waves
– IV

You’ve done it again. Given life to this planet in some way. Without you, it can’t live to its fullest. That’s right. You are a part of the wondrous growth, and beauty of this entire world. You make up part of it just as much as anyone and everything else. Isn’t that just the coolest thing? I know it puts a smile on my face!

Oh where will we take this road? Where will you decide to go? A few more steps today, a few more steps tomorrow. Soon you will be looking back and thinking, “Look how far I’ve traveled.” What did you create today? Is there anything you really want to do again tomorrow? Something you did really well? Look for those positives. What did you do right? Build with that. Small successes. Every day is a new beginning!

It’s going to get interesting to see where I take the rose. Each is a step in my journey. I smile and feel great spilling out what I feel. I know I can’t see way ahead of me, but I don’t need to because the point I’m at now is everything. The beauty is everywhere, appreciate it, and appreciate yourself!

Rose A Day – 18

I am free, I am free,
I may not have money,
but at least I am me.
– IV

The thing about beauty is that it costs nothing to enjoy. It’s in everything. Every smile, and every laugh is beautiful. You are you. You can find beauty in all the struggle. Although the tree can’t get up and leave, it is itself, free and beautiful. Without the struggle would you know beauty? I doubt you’d have as much appreciation for it.

So here it is. A small cut of the beauty I discovered in my moments today. This rose was my release of all I felt. There is no way this expression could ever come out as anything but beautiful. The expression of a soul’s creative energy can never fail. Did you express yours today? You still have time! Take 5 minutes.

Even if it’s just a thought that makes you smile. Find that beauty. Tomorrow is a new day to take the next steps. Our journey’s will unearth the darks and lights. We will use them both to paint our lives! Magnificent works of art. We are all on our way. You’re awesome. Don’t doubt it. Always the positives.