It’s Just You And This Music Tonight

Sometimes you just need someone to commit with.
What kind of magic do I have in my fingertips?
Lightning fire, blast you up, make you melt, rough as fuck.
Because sometimes you need a pair of eyes
to look right into your soul; in all their silence,
they are still so loud. I’ll be found – I don’t know,
Am I wildin’ – I’ll never call it right, I won’t be that blind.
The stuff you want is mine, and I’m not keeping anything tonight

I won’t paint it red, won’t let you burn it either
Cause I’m not talking fire, at least not a consuming pyre
I want the crucible, strike it while it’s hot from the furnace,
On the anvil we are birthing days – hammer that shit out,
The taste of you is incredible – especially when I’m hungry
Are you afraid of being lonely? Press those claws into me,
Tear a little flesh, I swear it will look good on me,
Oh you’ve got the means to rip apart anyone you please.
That’s a dangerous characteristic – I can hear it seethe
Should I put you down or drop with you under me?

Are you ready to turn up the heat? Like it was possible to imagine
something hotter than the moment we touched baby.
I’ve got you on this throne like Satan himself done claimed your soul;
Like he made a pact so dark he had to stop by a few minutes before 8
To pick you up and take you out for everything you never felt
And with that even God can hear you gasping,
From beyond the night sky we’ll go swimming in
Because we all know now you’ve had a taste,
No one stops until they’ve touched the depths
Take this vehicle for a drive down your spine, fingers ride the lines,
The curves between familiar, and never felt better
This the kind of shit that take you back to the beginning
– Talking bout the big bang of the universe
I was there once, and now here we are.

When she was here couldn’t get enough,
when she’s gone like she was never here at all,
couldn’t keep her under the covers, too hot,
had to break it off, find a new spot, turn the pillow over,
cool it off, And now I’m all talk, about was this real life,
or was I just a roll of the dice, hit luck once, thought it was all mine,
but I couldn’t sign, granted, it wasn’t worth the dime,
they we’re trying to push on me, and I just spent the time,
not worrying about whether it was worth my life,
All in now, you can’t call me ‘mine’
You want to get down, then fall down
I don’t worry about the outcome, just the way I got there,
Dead in my grave, it was worth the nightmare
So tell me, do you think life is fair?
I wonder if you could of done better here

Yes, Baby. If I Can Create Her, I Can Draw You

I’m going to be upfront. Everything that follows may not be to your taste, but if you hold and give it a chance, it will open your eyes. If you digest it, it will nourish your mind. Prepared incorrectly it could certainly do you harm, but you must trust that I’ve taken all precaution to serve you the highest quality of mental intrigue.

You don’t forget a body – The things you notice when you take it slow, when you aren’t looking to get anywhere because where you are is the place you’ve decided to stay a moment; Embrace that moment like it was a first hug. The first real hug, where you realize you can hold on just a bit longer because it’s where you are. It feels like when you lay down satisfied at night sinking into your sheets; A feeling you can’t describe in many other ways. Certainly one word wouldn’t suffice. Not at this point in time, not from this perspective.

Death finds it hard to argue after seeing it in the eyes of so many. It’s a sick world I’m in. I’m the only one here, the only one. So haunted, did you see that? I swear I’m playing rounds on my own self. Filling up the cup I’ve already emptied. No, no it’s empty still. Look into those eyes. They could walk me up to the door, and I’d still have to put them down. I was talking to myself again. What the fuck do you want? Why do you still follow me around?

She stared at me, and I put the petal to the floor; Staring at that light as it turned yellow – I looked it up and down, It stayed yellow for four seconds. I didn’t stop or slow down, I floored it, and as soon as I ran through, it screamed red. No, you don’t forget a body – The things you notice when you’re devouring the world around you. You know when she likes the speed – When she tells you – It lights a devilish fire in your eyes, which you cover her with. She doesn’t admit why, but she likes the danger. She doesn’t admit much, but you know she’s burning.

I mean what, what are you afraid of? I just needed a little buzz, you know a little high, afraid of heights? You come down, you might hit the ground? You bounce right up baby, come on, this isn’t you – This isn’t you.

In light of this, in darkness, I’ve adjusted to see clearly. I don’t think it’s my eyes that do anything. It’s most definitely my perspective. I see you, faint outline, with subtle landmarks like a streetlight on the side of this road I’m on. Finally I can get a better grasp of where I am, at least you’d think. You’re like the streetlight, except I can’t stay – You can’t come with me. You only give me what light you can, but for the rest of the way It’s up to me to see. I don’t forget that light; How it eased the night, but it’s just a way of seeing you. You’re not really here because by nature of travel I’ve placed myself far from that moment. I have a grasp of this night, I will try to paint it for you.

*I’ve got your story entwined in mine, and I don’t have the time to tell just one

We’ll Skip Our Way Into Hell And They’ll Try To Keep Us Out

Fuck this deck of cards,
I’ll drop the whole thing.

52 Factorial I won’t pick up.

Everything tastes like Scotch now,
Maybe we should air your heart out
How about we just put the Absinthe down.
All this drinking could lead to things in the wrong.
You got me feeling like I’m too far gone,
You should put that Tequila gun down!
Drinking out of you like your mouth was the barrel,
I’ll help you finish, boom I pulled the trigger.

Now you’ve come – Can you say it’s for nothing?
Such an explosion can never be the last.
Nothing is something after all – It’s just the start
Such a sensuous crawl,
Across the bed into these maws
Just a smack – Fill up your cup
Flip it over, You’ll take it better like that
Ravenous flush – You’re burning up
We should have gone slow,
but I’ve never been one to filter
I’ll spill my paint all over your face,
Gentle drip – That’s the last of it
You couldn’t find art with a better taste.
And I don’t wait for it to dry,
I can always do it all again if I like.

I’ve got things coming for you
Real cheap, only your mind will do.

I Could Be Dangerous Or Just Your Daydream

She can sing to me till I melt into the seat leathers of the universe baby

I’ll write while she bites my neck,
Only the true death will do for me

I’ve got pink blossoms floating on,
Take off your songs my deep love,

Put on your heart strings, I can pull em;
Let down your hair some, hard drive,

We’re in a place the average reach for,
so go ahead and get down on the floor
Load up your bearings,
you’re the Cardamaro to my Orange Bitters and Scotch

I’ll bring you down on the rocks,
Unfurl your locks across the dock

Making love before we make it out of the waters.
Now we’re on the shores with a star cover blanket.

Jelly fish drifting along your skin – I could cover you in sweet stings,

But I’ll just lay beside you and pull you like the moon does.
You’re an ocean.
Now I’m dancing on this whiskey barrel,
Rolling my tongue along your river,

I can feel your tire swing visions pulsing through your arteries;
Let’s ride until we kill the batteries.

Hit It Nine Times Cause That Cat Got Nine Lives

I’m gonna do you right,
Turn you on, and light up the night
Got this magic in my fingers
Shoot it straight, cut with nothing
Fathers get mad cause I get high with their daughters.
I’m a bull, charge full, speed,
I got what you need

Work you out like reps in a set,
Panties to the right, we gon’ get the sheets wet,
You bet I’m going to put your vocals to the test
I get a little bigger when I’m looking at your figure
God damn, I’m bout to bite that,
Keep it in my face cause I don’t see nothing wrong,
With a little bump and grind, Hit it nine – Times,
cause that cat got nine lives
Talking mutual satisfaction, there is no maximum,
Just go until the neighbors start knocking,
Then laugh and turn up the volume.
No way we stopping this without climaxing,
Usher trying to take us to them high places,
He’d probably throw planes on the soundtrack
Maybe the body, to really work that
Hell yeah you’re a freak huh?
Ain’t nothing but nature to me,
Sweet honey when you taste me.
And I seek it on the daily, Yeah I’m a real geek.
Studying you on your knees
If I ever lost my way,
You’re the one that the gods hope pray for me 😉
Maybe if we kiss this could turn into coffee in the morning,
But seriously, Let me hit it in the morning,
I’ll get you in the shower with me,
I could go hours if you need,
Breakfast at 3? Fresh pearl necklace I’ll bless it,
Okay I’m just going to put an end to this…. ha