Went Out On A Blood Moon

I’ve gone off some deep ends,
Seen some people I know real well,
Forgot their names and played it cool;
See you bastards again real soon.

We was holding communion in the kitchen
Every one was cool with it;
Then you know who came in and put two into her;
Sat at the table with my hands folded,
at this point
I’m not really sure what to do with em’

A few shots and I’m feelin’ alive,
I spilled all my emotions tonight,
I’m not cleaning up, it’s fine.
I took the bullets and still won’t die.
Experience tells me I’m good with the blood,
Now I could really use some.
I could really use some

I’d love to dance and drink, and laugh with you,
Get’s me in the zone;
To see you light up in all your bliss.
Let’s go and strike the night
Come back and lose the light;
Yeah I put on my hazards
Cause I like you – I like you hazy,
I like how you can phase me,
But even then I’m a tank &
Drugs are incredible substances
Ain’t no need to pay me to say it.
It’s just something to get you along
Something to hold you up,
Something to put in your lungs,
When air just ain’t enough.
Because we all know the trouble,
When air just isn’t a lover;
Breathing is something you do,
When you first waking up;
That’s when I like to fuck.
Got my chakras all clear and I’m tapping some magic,
I’m hooked on that bad mix
And I swear that it isn’t enough
Cause I’m up and I’m hungry,
When you coming to fuck me?

I’m going out of my way when I should of went home
Now I’ve got dirt on my hands and I’m touching you,
This is the part where I’m rough with you;
Got me way too gone, how can I be tough on you?
Dying to meet your girlfriends that you said you might bring.
Hoping that they live up to what I’ve imagined
Cause I can’t be out here on no laid back shit
No laid back tricks, nothing but the most potent;
And you know the boys coming through with some off the cliff.
Brought the 12 gauge so we’ll have to piece back some stomachs,
I just been out and bad from way back when
I’ve slept on the floor and used a water bottle as a pillow.
‘I just wanted some head in a comfortable bed;’
I guess I could have got that anywhere.

When you come to,
Will you come through?