You Can Find Yourself With A Lot Of Time – You Lose Yourself In A Fraction

It frightens me what words can do. I forget where I’ve been. I forget the things I’ve tasted and reasons I’ve bled. I nearly forget who I am; not entirely who I’ve been. It’s wild how many places we’ve seen. The faces I can go back to, and lose myself for an entire night without getting through an eighth – That’s time travel in the only direction it goes.

You have to remember to return; To come back. If you fail to look in the mirror… You lose it – Until you find it again.
– IV

How long has it been? No, I don’t mean since you last looked at the clock.
I want to know how long it has been since you’ve last noticed yourself.
Don’t you know? You are worth realizing; worth sifting from the river’s flow.
We may not be a price one puts on gold, but what is something you can price, other than an item for sale.
You are not bought. You’re discovered. You’re earned. You’re built. You’re realized.

Rose A Day

This is a call for beauty!
A threading of the internal art,
To sew into the physical,
A bridging of the two,
Long over due!
For anyone with a pulse to become,
Moved to create!

“Create thyself, and let no one else!” – IV

I will be drawing a rose every day and posting it here.
This rose will be a form of expressing my personal growth.
I won’t be looking at anything. It will flow as I feel it should.
I will simply aim to create; exploring the eye of my mind.
It will of course be accompanied by insightful (I hope) words of mine.
I will be vulnerable. I will show to you everything one would need to tear me apart.
I think not being afraid to show vulnerability is a great strength.
It moves people. It brings them to you like a gravity of sorts.
They can feel your aura in the way you carry yourself.

I implore you to join me. Let’s bring the world something wonderful!