What’s Not Forbidden is Compulsory

I want to take you in and together be the motions of an earthquake; eruptions the likes of Vesuvius! I want to walk side by side with you, the way lions play in golden meadows, dandelions kissing their necks – soft like the touch of silks born of the beautiful-est butterfly’s transformation.

I want to cross my heart with yours, the way vines climb trees to reach the sun they so direly need, if you should fall then take me. I want to wash away your pains the way waves erase and make the face of the shores, and absorb you the way nature takes in a thunderstorm – bursting out all the life of a planet.

I want to be present in your minds eye till I die and am reborn of pure calms, that make the body shake! I want to explore your mind the way a trickling river carves its way through sedimentary rock – unearthing treasures hidden for millennia.

Discovering the world from foot prints along the beach, to grains of sand stuck to your skin, the wind whispers in your hair, to the breeze that kisses your cheeks, lift you up with my soul, and give all my breath to carry you,

I want to embrace you the way the grass collapses in as you lay;
I want to remove your clothes the way time and the elements wear the mountain sides, and touch you the way light shimmers across your lips, as shadows play games with desire – like fire eats the forest; I want you.

To be at your side the way the sun braces the horizon; to take you the way the moon pulls the ocean’s heart strings, the reason for its crests and troughs. I want to bring us to peak, and then come down again in the infinite perfection that is the Fibonacci spiral becoming the golden ratio.

I want to dance about hands clasped the way the universe shows us the dialectic, with your aspect and mine intertwined in the Hieros Gamos; we will cease to exist, only to rise from the sparks of imperceptible embers upon our beings where we will union in exacerbating infinity, sounding perfection at inaudible frequencies that can only be grokked – to touch of anything else, I dare us.

I imagine that would be something unforgettable across ages;
I wonder if I could imagine anything as wonderful as you.

Rose A Day – 27

Gone forever,
I lament my bleeding soul,
gone for the better I know,
for my heart has grown.
– IV

Well isn’t that the truth? Every thing we allow to pass is an experience from which our soul can grow. It isn’t always easy, but it is a necessity. We can’t hold onto the beauty around us. Holding only keeps it from being free and truly alive. Remove the constant fear of loss. How much more beautiful is something when we don’t worry about grasping it?  How about when what we appreciate chooses to be near to us? Be patient. Don’t be in any rush. These things take time. Learn to navigate the things you feel. Direct yourself towards acceptance of you in the present moment. Work towards what you want, but understand that you are only happy if you choose to be. You see what you want. It’s easier said than done of course, but you aren’t going to let that stop you right?

Go on just say it. You choose happiness or you choose excuses. What good has an excuse ever done you? They only keep you from attaining your best and brightest moments. You might be good now, but how much better could you be if you stopped letting all the excuses you hold onto go? Have you found what you want to put time and energy into when you are alone?

Have you MADE the time (No matter how small) to explore the shore of what it has to offer? Would you turn down 15 minutes of walking on the most beautiful beach you could conceive of? HELL NO, YOU WOULDN’T. So why turn down any amount of time to do what brings you joy?

Stop disillusioning yourself. We don’t all get the ‘perfect’ life. Perhaps for the rest of my life I’ll only find 60 minutes a day to draw and write to you. Should I stop knowing I’ll never get to do more than that? What do you think? I know my choices. Now make yours.

When you get to the end of this day ask yourself, “What did I do well today?” Look for those positives. Build that momentum in your life. Soon enough you’ll be expecting to do better so you’ll have more to reflect on. This alone will get you exceeding expectations. Fan that fire baby. See your beauty, feel it around you. Stay cool!