I Can Always Talk About Infinity And All The Things You Mean To Me

End of privilege, end of these Global elites.
There is no crown, royalty shall not be,
No sword in stone nor golden fleece,
I have not king, I have no queen,
No blue ribbon, or gold medal,
Only me, thee and becoming,
Been a long time coming
Dynamic expressions,
Center everywhere,
Infinite potential,
This is key
Life is
Eternity is
Created in us
Through us by us
We are the Gods here
We are the Goddesses, dare
I write it, the truth I’ve given to
Light in the darkness, we are the arks
Full of all existence, if we would but listen

Can you see or is it not apparent

Shaping The Clay; Myself

I feel the best time to create is when you’re hungry; They call us starving artists: It’s actually quite ironic since they are the vapid ones starving for our minds – hungry; I’m being sarcastic. It’s sad how they smoke like an empty pot – All their money can’t afford them a meal as this; I put marks to any medium, and I am fed. How could I ever be hungry? I’m the creator; I pull my own fucking ribs out, birth my equals, and if I choose to, I swallow them whole and put them right back. I am not looking for your justice. I am not looking for your empathy. I am looking for the blood, sweat, and tears that give way to the culmination of an entire cold pressed life; At the end you will drink it – Not one drop will go to waste.

I’ve watched the soft way my tools begin to shape you
You don’t take the direct route – No, you choose patience.
You don’t appear immediately in the initial stray lines.
We take our entire evenings for these types of beauties.
Watch intuitive understanding slowly pull you out of nothing
I’ve had my eyes focused intently on your ripening form
I’m not sure what else I’ve noticed today,
aside from the subtleties that make you – You.
That soft desire, your fiery demeanor when I strike you up,
I press hard on the lead to accent it all with the right cuts.

Emotionally intelligent people fuck up too, and because they understand so much more – It can be said that they fuck up far worse. The thing is their gift never comes with just the ability to read the emotions of others and feel deeply the hearts of those around them – No, emotional intelligence is not developed and honed in that way – You are not born with such a soft quality. It requires consistent shattering, to learn from navigating one’s own fissures. Knowing of your own faults, so that you might not overlook them when relating with those you engage with, is key; Wading at the edges of the river is not enough; Only those who have drowned in their own depths truly understand the emotions.

You forget to pause when the river waters surge so rapidly,
It’s about breathing correctly and not allowing yourself to fall behind.
Clearly it’s all timing, but at a deeper level it is so much more.
You aren’t just in the right place at the time moving along at pace;
No you have to hit a full breath as you make the stroke across,
Followed by a hold at the top not too long, nor too brief;
Allowing preparation for your exhale and waving of your wrist.
It very much matters what your other hand is doing, in the case that only one holds the tool.
It must be relaxed – Not completely though – Everything must be relaxed.
You’re not forgetting to breath now, right? See, it’s hard to follow along here.
I still have things to learn. I know what it is I’m doing, but until I can teach you I’ve got things to learn

In this bed you will find everything you fear and love.
It just comes down to whether you will settle for less than you deserve;
If not then you must take to action, Since not settling requires effort.

I’ve Always Had A Thing For Being Enveloped

I can think of no better metaphor for the reality of this life we explore than a shower. Consider it. You rise early in the morning or perhaps it is after an exhaustive day; you find yourself standing in the warm embracing touch of thousands of water droplets. You close your eyes to see your mind chase its’ thoughts and your dreams. Maybe you’re thinking of all the things you’ll do from here on out.

Maybe you have quieted all the distractions. Yourself in harmony, at peace. Then without warning you are slammed with calamity. Your body has registered it before you even know; you gasp for air and tense up. The water has unexpectedly turned ice cold. That’s life. You never see it coming. There is rarely warning. As swiftly as it took place things return to calm – as long as you keep breathing, and focus.
– IV

Is this not a sacred act. To live, and have meant it?

Sweet Dreaming Leaves None

People might not ask, but they do want to know how you feel. It’s this odd thing we do as individuals. Rarely do we reach out beyond, “How are you?”, spending countless moments fretting the emotions of others; whether they have considered similar thoughts to ours.

It builds up with the strength of a great storm, and we wonder why we’re restless. We wonder, “And why is it I can’t stay dreaming when I am tired?” Answer how many times while awake did you consider another’s heart. And what did you do about it? Not anything. You slept. So now you will wake when you try to close your eyes.


I’m here to stay

Well Where Will You Reach

To be taken away upon the clouds,
To reach into the soul, one look,
One moment, one breath at a time.

Don’t we all just want to dream,
that someday our fires will reach
the golden shores of elsewhere,

And upon those shores we’ll grip
The ecstasy that we can see,
In the beauty of the rolling seas.

Or in the beauty of you and me.
One released breath after another
One moment seized after
releasing the other.

What more does a soul want?
What more than pleasant thought?
With which to chart a course!

Onward and upward without fear!
We walk mind in mind, clear;
To the highest peaks of elsewhere!

Patience we must channel thought,
For if there is to be a perfect moment,
It will come from hard fought life.

Only courage will find this awing land,
As it will take dirty bruised hands.
To climb from the bottom and stand,

At the precipice, hand in hand,
In grand moment of successful sigh,
And gaze lasting for a lifetime.

Rose A Day – 4

To hold such beauty will only prick your hand,
Oh but to touch it, to feel it in every sense you can
Will stir the mind, reaching from the depths
To the highest heights!

From day to day it doesn’t make sense to carry some things. Why should I hold this over into my next moments? It is only a pain to hold on. Let it be there as it chooses. Let it float in your ocean, coming and going as it should. Today I’m going to breathe and really focus on flowing. Too much forced direction and you can seize yourself up.

Are you going to keep holding on to that ‘thorn’? It’s keeping you from really experiencing the things you enjoy! Get going, it’s another day to learn and grow. You can do this. You were born for it. Yeah you’re pretty awesome.


Elevations of a Transitory Soul – 2

Some storms take us into their chaos and nurture us into what we have the potential to become. They break us open and fill us with the nourishment we desire, helping us to grow into the most beautiful of sunsets. They teach us to feel no sadness in setting. We have navigated the days and through the dark nights we will raise again. To birth a whole new twist on our hues as the grandest of sunrises.


“Your kiss is like a long line I want to be in,
Hold me closer so I can stop dreaming;
So I don’t go off the deep end” She sighed.

We’re already fallen from that cliff. They held on in the free fall.
She put her hand to his chest, he placed his hands around her waist.
And soon his face wiped the blood from hers, exchanging words with their tongues; creating new worlds with their love, that would soon combust and die to make room for the ones in both their eyes.  Their love was a phoenix born to burn a thousand times, to renew from the ash and embers of their nights, a new sight.

She said, “I want you to be right, but you always think you are.”
He breathes, “You know this is dangerous.
I can feel your heart beneath your skin.”
“It’s screaming raise me!” She yelled,
“and your hands are screaming take it,
we can’t wait. Boy you’re impatient; I want you, say it.”

Rose A Day – 3

The price you pay is not for ownership,
but rather the sacrifice to appreciate such a gift.
For to possess it would destroy what it is,
and cage it from what it ought to be.



Today is a new day. Things we wanted may not have happened, but that’s okay. We should be easy in our movements this morning. I found that not having an exact plan allowed my mine to be flexible. Although this may not have created the WOW I wanted it to this day, I do believe that it is setting me up for something I haven’t even begun to conceive of yet. I could feel it within me trying to take flight. The ‘air’ was stirring. For now I will trust in my ability and let it go where it takes me.

Everything we do is a sacrifice of one thing (usually our time) for another. This sacrifice does not entitle us to anything. We never really own anything except for ourselves, and even then why not let it run free? Being possessive can be a heavy weight. All this time spent owning something, but never really letting it be what it is or deep down what it desires to become.

Join me in this journey, our journey to elsewhere. Remember to let some people who cross your path today know that they matter. Go ahead really listen to them. Let them know something positive they did that really impressed you. Enjoy!

P.S. I’m thinking of you!

Maybe I’ve Been There


I don’t want to shield you from this world,
I wanna help you thrive in it, look it in the eyes,
laugh, and dive in it.

So breathe up and keep your confidence
You got me thinking, my minds something to believe in,
and yours is something I feel free with.

Given the time we spend with one another, don’t pretend.
Not hearing any objections so lets go ahead and look at the evidence.
I see myself all over you, and you want to get closer too.

From the very top and also down deep in the depths of your, brain.
From the look in your eyes, to the smile on your face.
Also within to the drum beat of your heart,

The way we culminating, me and you, this is art.
You can put your head on my shoulder.
Can I put my head on your shoulder If I bend closer?

Honestly I just love your composure
You kill it with how you put it together
Through all the weather, yeah you the creative type

Damn wish I could get in there,
Wonderin’ if your thoughts feel the same.
Maybe I’ve been there.

Rose A Day – 2

The resolution is to be a producer
An action taker. To be productive, until it becomes your life
For what could be more beautiful than the full  life of a rose?

Over the last few weeks I’ve taken steps to set myself up for short term wins. It’s paying off. I drew this rose this morning and I admit I was a little rushed. I was up into the late hours again, watching the night for all it might share. Of course I woke up and had to start a little fire in order to get as much as I could accomplished smoothly. The rose suffered a little. I don’t regret that though. I let it flow as my current state was. It certainly is interesting to see how my condition comes out in what I produce.

So here it is A Rose A Day. I hope you’ll join me on this and all my other journeys. Don’t be afraid to contact me. Remember you are fantastic, and you can certainly achieve your goals. You just have to start moving in their direction!